This Looked Easy From The Other Side

You guys. Pot’o’pee? Smuggling? It’s not Wednesday until I’ve seen some boob? I love you so much.

It DID look easy from the other side, as one of you so astutely pointed out. I even looked back three years to see what I’d had to say about D doing this very same thing. Although we used the kits through two months, I only really had one thing to say about it and that was angst over whether or not we’d get a smiley face on a weekend. I remember her diligently reporting each morning (and she never, not once, had an error) but I was significantly more detached from the actual results. Now, I’m wildly peeing everywhere wondering if I’m suddenly in menopause. I know. I am the most fun person ever. Imagine living with me.

The wondrous Cats and Cradles shared her Baby Jar Sneak technique which we have pondered and will undertake. There’s a certain elegance to using a baby-intended receptacle, isn’t there? The inventive Pepibebe is so smooth she nonchalantly takes her specimen jars everywhere (ok, well not everywhere, but she is far more bold than I) and Jill shared a welcome story about how this doesn’t stop with a pee stick in a pocket, oh no, humiliation has the potential to go so much further.

Thanks to you all, I’ve survived to moan about this another day. And aren’t you happy you’ve contributed to THAT?



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  1. How did we manage this stuff before the internets?

  2. Gosh, this brings it all back so clearly, even though it’s been 5 years since I spent time in an office bathroom stall with a cup of urine. It’s so stressful to be trying to figure this stuff out! There were frustrating things about going with a high-intervention clinic this time around, but it was also really nice to not feel responsible for figuring out when I was ovulating.

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