“He Likes Pizza and Plays the Guitar”

Sometimes I feel, just a little bit, like a novelty. I reassure myself that people like me, couples like ours, are a dime a dozen. Probably. Right? At least at a fertility clinic. But there’s still that sense.

D and I handle this by being happy, friendly, and funny. For the most part, it’s just who we are. Yesterday, we joked with the lab workers about our donor  He likes pizza, I said. He says he plays the guitar. I smiled into the silence and they burst into laughter. Those tiny anonymous vials don’t play guitar and like pizza. And they don’t look like RR, a picture of whom D was dangling over my shoulder. All three technicians grinned and laughed with us.

In the clinic, I popped my head up to remind the doctor that the less I saw of him the better. He paused and half chuckled. The nurse sputtered into a smile (being a surly sort) and we shot that sperm past my cervix with a smile on our faces. Our regular receptionist emphatically wished us well.

Let’s hope all that laughter and good karma results in something. Something good. Egg, ahoy.

Want to know about what exactly happens at an IUI appointment?


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  1. Fingers crossed for you!!

  2. Clearly you need a pre-conception meal of pizza and then D should strum a guitar as the sperm swim merrily along their way. What song should it be? Row, Row, Row Your Catheter? Chariots of Fire? Eggs ahoy!

  3. Our donor liked dogs and had good eyesight (I don’t!) He’s been on my mind this week, because we go a notice from the sperm bank that he’s near his “Family Unit Limit”. It’s wild to think that that means Frances has multiple biological half siblings out there. (I knew that would happen with an anonymous donor and it doesn’t bother me, it’s just weird).

    Anyway, yay, yay, yay, and Fingers Crossed!

  4. Our donor listed hacky sack as one of his “sports” 😉

  5. Our first and second donor were both into mixed martial arts. Not actually a trait that I hope Bingo will share.

    Glad that you’re keeping the fun in this! Good luck!

  6. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

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