Come Back in a Week

Whoa now. Was this progesterone test a thing when D carried RR? There I was, like the Venus de Milo in repose and discussing the Hindenburg* with my wife when the nurse suggested we come back in a week for a progesterone test to see if we had a shot at a viable pregnancy. Or something like that. Essentially, it appears that while such a blood test won’t predict pregnancy, it can certainly tell us if the odds are against us.

vdmUnfortunately, for the Venus de Milo, she had to stand while waiting for something magnificent to be created. You and I are creative and can thus imagine what she really would have done once she got tired of holding up that damn sheet. 

Finding out that it “probably didn’t work”? Exactly what I wanted to do with my Thursday. But, might as well get the crushing disappointment out of the way, right? Given that we’ll have house guests throughout the second week of waiting, it’s probably a good thing to keep me from being too high strung.

Also – why did none of you tell me that my uterus would behave like an asshole after an IUI? Cramping and general discomfort ala HSG (only for an extended period of time). Apparently, my cervix doesn’t really dig being toyed with. Regardless, I forgive you in an attempt to send a subliminal message to my rouge egg and sperm that I am a nurturing mother earth who is a fertile field, complaining cervix aside. Shh. Don’t tell them any different.

* During my wife’s second IUI, we found ourselves discussing, at length, the Lockerbie bombing. I don’t know what sparked the conversation, only that I explained what little I knew of it while my wife (probably) sent out a little prayer. This time, remembering our oddly timed Lockerbie discussion, we invoked the Hindenburg. Not as a talisman, just something I happen to be doing at work right now. Go figure.


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  1. You’re doing the Hindenburg at work? How, ah, exactly does that work?
    Did D tell you the great news from my roommate? Crushed pineapple in a can is almost all core! Tell her to go the food lion and get you some.

  2. The follow-up progesterone test was a thing when we were trying too. You can never have too many blood tests, I guess. Although the try we actually got pregnant on, I skipped it because we were on vacation.

    • I figure it can’t hurt to know and at least we can get some of the disappointment out of the way (if there’s disappointment to be had because of that).

  3. I think the point of the progesterone test is to give you a pretty good idea of whether you ovulated or not, and if so, if it was a “strong” ovulation. If your progesterone levels are low, you can also take supplements of various forms to raise your levels, although that won’t directly help the ovulation issue. Not that I think you have ovulation issues, you understand, I’m just sharing what I know (or think I know…) about progesterone.

    I had a progesterone test, and my levels were normal. The RE gave me progesterone suppositories, though, because she was concerned that my levels might be dropping (thus bringing on my period) before a pregnancy could be well established. My OB says that progesterone use outside of IVF is “total voodoo head magic”, but also that that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.

    Sorry you had a bunch of cramping. I’d have warned you, but while I had some, it was never all that much.

    • I was offended by the cramping but since I am STILL cramping off and on (differently, but still), I’m inclined to blame some sort of stomach bug instead.

  4. Hi there! I’ve been a lurking reader, and just followed your link about the amusement park, which led me to this!

    Guess it was a thing then! Hope it bodes well this time too.

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