It’s Not Over Til It’s Over but, You Guys, It’s Over.

Have you noticed that sometimes four day work weeks seem longer than five day work weeks? I’m sure it’s some terrible trick of time and space.

Another terrible trick of time and space is the space in my uterus and the lateness of my period. Sure, it’s only a day late but since I feel decidedly unpregnant and am symptom-free, it’s really less about hope and more about impatience so we can try again.

Finally, in order to make up for the fact that you just had to think about my internal organs, here is my daughter in a nutshell:



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  1. Maybe over, maybe not over? The cycle that worked was the only one where I had no symptoms at all. Zero. Maybe no symptoms counts as a symptom?

  2. Thinking of you guys.
    Also, I love that StoryPeople! I am told that when I was about 2 I stared at the TV while my dad was watching football and then announced “run, run, fall down.” My understanding of football hasn’t progressed much past that point….

  3. Until there’s blood, I’m holding onto the hope. xoxo

  4. Four day weeks ARE the longest in the universe.

    It’s not over until it’s OVER.

  5. Running Sucks. That is my new favorite t-shirt, and I’m a serious runner. I love it and it is hard and I hate it and I love it again. Oh, and then it sucks. I also love StoryPeople, and this one captures the roller coaster that trying to get pregnant is. Keep running. You’ll stand up and stand still again soon.

  6. Wait a gosh darn diggity dang minute. When you posted on that last post that it was over and I said shit, I thought there’d been BLOODwork done! I’ve been bamboozled!

    No blood (in either sense), no tears shed! I am re crossing my previously uncrossed fingers and going back to hoping!

  7. Grrr. That’s frustrating, and I’m sorry. Have you tested again, and still gotten a negative? The first cycle we tried with me, my period was late. I think just the presence of sperm (not to mention stress) can throw things off, sometimes. Limbo sucks.

  8. Very awesome! 🙂

    • Somehow the “that blows” comment intended for this post was submitted to the next blog in my reader, whose author is no doubt confused about my negativity regarding their child’s evident genius. Damn WordPress Reader! At any rate, your news is hardly awesome. 😦

  9. […] So we didn’t test on Friday.  We actually agreed on Friday that we’d test Monday morning if she hadn’t started bleeding by then, because bleeding is a much nicer way to find out you’re not pregnant than some crap-ass pregnancy test.  In the end, her instincts were correct. […]

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