A Thicket of Dreams

On Wednesday morning, we had to tease RR out of bed by opening her door (still sleeping) talking loudly (still sleeping) and using the blender, prompting her to wake up and immediately start babbling about monsters. In this case she was referring to green monsters* – what we call the spinach and fruit smoothies she craves above all else. After joyfully devouring the smoothie and wiping the green moustache on her arm, she consented to having her hair brushed and, eventually, conceded defeat in the “Do I have to put on shoes?” war. Spring loaded, she flung herself out onto our concrete deck and longingly inched toward the 10 slightly uneven, certainly dangerous stairs. This leaves us at an impasse: she can’t not go down them, we can’t not tell her to hold the railing, and she believes the railing is made of fire.

Don’t worry, she can wait.

Wait for me to blink. For D to turn her head. For the dog to bark. For a fly to create a distraction. And so she waited. I set my coffee down and she was suddenly halfway down the steps, teetering on the edge of a rise and cackling. Don’t worry, this story isn’t going to a take a turn for the worse. We grabbed hands and covered the last five steps together and you could tell that the feeling of freedom was going to carry us right through til school. But first we checked in on the berries.

Just after RR was born we planted blackberry and raspberry bushes at the end of the driveway. They grew leggy and pushy. My wife grew irritated. I explained my vision, that someday, my daughter would be able to pluck ripe berries off of the canes that crept through our fence and that as she got older we’d find her at the end of the drive happily staining fingers and cheeks. And so I endured when the birds ate all of the raspberries last year. And I hoped when the blackberries were so bitter you hardly wanted to eat them. And I cut back them to the ground when my wife reached a breaking point. And I promised to dig them up if we could just wait one more year. For sweetness. For growth to outpace the birds. For our daughter to get just a bit older.

And then, on Wednesday, I watched as she reached a still fat hand through the fence to grab a ripe, red berry. And when she hesitated, I showed her that it was okay to eat. I led her into the tiny clearing my wife cut for her and watched as she searched for the reddest berries and popped them into her mouth. Only a few were ripe but it only took one. Who says dreams don’t come true?

*Green monster – huge handful of spinach, about a 1/2 cup of almond milk (or any old liquid), 10 frozen pineapple pieces, and 5 frozen mango pieces for thickness (or one fresh banana). Blend until smooth.

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  1. How fabulous!

    We cover our blueberries (and strawberries) with netting to keep the critters off. The cherry tree is too big – hence my post the other day about picking what I could early.

    I just got some raspberry plants, so I’m hoping for a nice thicket here in a few years.

    • I’ve been wondering if netting will keep the squirrels off or if they’ll just stick their paws right through. Do you have yours propped up off of the bush somehow?

  2. That is so awesome!! And very Little House on the Prarie like. Love it!!

  3. Re the birds and squirrels, just make sure Moses is out a good bit. Fifi keeps birds away from mine. It is a great year for raspberries : )

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