Preparing for Summer

Summer is coming and it’s getting hot. We like the air conditioning in the car to be on. In fact, we like the house cool as well. This is a turnaround for me. I grew up in Arizona and we enjoyed a fiery furnace every time we got into the car. Air conditioning doesn’t actually have any impact when it feels like you’ve turned on all the burners of the stove and then curled up on top for a nap. Actually, that’s just what the steering wheel feels like. Seat buckles blister flesh. Don’t worry though, since you’ve been sucking down hot pokers, you won’t actually be breathing and you won’t miss that piece of thigh.

Since the air is dry, houses are often cooled with water, affectionately called swamp coolers. That’s right, Arizonans intentionally import the sort of air that breeds mosquitos and alligators. It works, mostly. Here in the middle south, we cool the house by dehydrating the air, which, thank god, because the vast amount of wood in our house releases all of the smells it ever had when the air is damp – the good smells: pot roast, sunshine, grass and the bad: dog, socks, and more dog.  We turn on the air conditioner to stay cool and to be able to inhale without wrinkling our noses. As I said, it’s taken me a long time to embrace the fact that the cost of having on the air conditioning is worth it. Yes, we’re more comfortable but also, we’re still married – touch and go when my wife is sweating angrily at me and glaring at the thermostat.

I tell you all that to tell you this: my daughter doesn’t like to have the heat or the air conditioning on in the car. She clambers into the car shouting, “No fan, mama! I NEED THE WIND TO BLOW ME OUT! ” And that’s why we’re driving around with all the windows down and the sun roof open while the heat, humidity and chance of divorce rise exponentially.

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  1. RR is my kinda gal. I’d much rather have the wind blow me out than the AC on. My family begs to differ….

  2. It was a beautiful morning today so it was a pleasure to have the wind blow us out!

  3. Why are they SO bossy!!!! Yogi is all about this kind of mandate. And the suffering when we refuse to comply? Makes life unbearable. I never dreamed that such a tiny person could be so unbelievably tyrannical. Thinking this wasn’t exactly the point of your post, but I guess I needed to get that out. Stay strong hot Mama! 😉

    • They are terrible tyrants! I think that when we’re getting into the car and RR just wants to get in her seat by herself and I weigh the options – put her in myself because we are late (because she a- wouldn’t put her shoes on, b – wanted to dance, c – stopped to smell the flowers or, d- all of the above) and risk the wrath or just choose to be late. There doesn’t appear to be a right answer.

  4. Oddly enough, our home (and entire neighborhood!) is “air conditioned” with a swamp cooler. Yes, in Virginia. To call it inefficient would be overly kind.

  5. I’m the mom who just turns up the radio and drowns out that nonsense! No Air? I would die. Kudos to you!

  6. True story: growing up in the very city you live in, it was my *Mom* who didn’t believe in air conditioning. She claimed it was therapeutic to sweat. Seriously. The A/C in our house broke when I was maybe 4, and it was not repaired until approximately *a decade and a half later*, when we had a house fire, and the people doing the restoration apparently assumed that the A/C somehow died in the fire and they should replace it. I remember trying to sleep on the floor some summer nights, because it was ever so slightly cooler.

    Now, of course, she turns on the air conditioning when the dogs start looking hot. And wants to leave the windows open in the winter.

  7. I’m such a heat-suck, I LIVE for A/C or cool whether. I lived in southern Florida, Southern Texas, and Southern Nevada (Vegas). Dry heat or Wet heat, both had things that made me feel like a weak, overrun human.

    I often joke that the heat was what made me move back to Canada. A fact that few people seem to under stand. “Why would you leave that beautiful weather?” They ask. Now when we have a few weeks over 95*F and everyone complains, I remind my favorites that those “lovely hot whether” places tend to be over 95*F from about May until September.

    Stay cool and comfortable, beautiful!

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