Try Two

Hot damn. It’s that time again.

I admit I had something ready to post at 8am on Monday (What, you think I manage to write and post in real time? Wait. Did I ruin the dream? I did, didn’t I?) and it was clever and smart and totally not panicking about the fact that I was still waiting to ovulate. That’s right. I was anticipating how I would feel on Monday sometime last week. Again, let’s all tell my wife how awesome she is for surviving day to day.

This month I managed to avoid any sort of ovulation stick operator error. I, apparently, am too much of a big picture person to handle the complicated science behind sticks that absorb urine. As far as I’m concerned, this shouldn’t take so much pesky precision. Same time every day? Save up for four hours prior? Don’t drink too much water? Whatever, rules. I own you.

This morning we took a spontaneous trip to a shopping area about 45 minutes away. I felt like we were living on the edge. Would there be a positive kit change (that’s the lingo, kids, I kind of love it.) while we were there? WHAT THEN?! Fortunately, it was negative at noon. Which was great. But, just because we’re so close and because tomorrow is a Sunday (“call the office between 7 and 8 am…”) I checked again this evening and it was positive. Not so great.

Well, of course, great. Because who doesn’t want to ovulate on the 15th day of the cycle? I mean, come on! But then also, not, because we’re planning to do two IUIs this month in hopes of improving the chances. That generally means an IUI on the day of the kit change (love it) and one on the day after.

Cue me…being myself. If the change was tonight, then we missed the whole “day of” thing, right? So will we still get to do two IUIs? Will the second one be a waste? What if I’d been following the “test every 24 hours” guidelines? THE WINDOW IS SO SMALL.

At any rate, that’s the good news! And guess what, this post is like a 50% off coupon! I’m saving you the 50% of anxiety you would have gotten had we not gotten a glorious last minute child-sitting rescue in the form of the fantastic starrhillgirl because I’m pretty sure RR is not up to attending an IUI.

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  1. So come drop the child off all ready!
    (Also, if you were doing the whole 24 hour thing, you wouldn’t know about the surge until this am anyway, so you are totally in the clear, says the pee-stick veteran.)

  2. Best of baby luck for you!

  3. New reader here, but fingers totally crossed for you!

  4. Fingers crossed for you three!!! Come OOOOOOOON, baby!

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