Not Potty-trained and Three Tomorrow

RR continues to regard the potty with derision and mistrust. Earlier this month we called timeout for the remainder of June, hoping that a few more weeks of peace would help us more effectively kick the diapers to the curb come July.


At any rate, my child loves diapers. Pull-ups have been a deeply felt injustice. This June break has been a break for us, too. A chance for us to say goodbye to sweet changing table shenanigans (my wife) and begin to more consistently encourage her to dress herself (me). As far as I’m concerned, the biggest perk to diaper changing has been being able to dress her in whatever I wanted. Tiny, adorable dresses TOTALLY make up for poop.

Alas, I’ll have to begin consoling myself with someone else’s Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler. Also, a THREE YEAR OLD. That is some crazy shit.

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  1. Three IS some crazy shit.
    Man I miss three…..

    Letting themselves dress themselves is one less thing for you to do in the morning and oh! the fabulous ensembles they come up with.

    LOVE that pinterest board. So following it now.

    • I had a moment of terror yesterday when she asked for “the bee shirt mama! BUZZZ!” and it was filthy. I displayed the horribly soiled shirt in question and she skeptically eyed the spaghetti sauce stain. I was worried I was going to have to unstick it from itself and put it on her but, fortunately, good sense prevailed.

  2. That picture rocks my life. Also Yogi is insulted by the mere suggestion of his use of the potty. Truly, you should see the face. I’m trying to get a picture.

  3. hey, I love that we both found that pinterest board… Quinoa indeed. Just about sums it up. Oh, and that it’s 3 years since I wrote on my blog but here you are, still writing. Nice. Impressive. honestly, when I read my blog I can’t imagine that witty part of my brain still exists. half the time I’m wondering, who wrote this?? and the other half of the time I feel guilty. and then the other third I’m so very glad I got something written down.
    – not good at math, but pleased with myself anyway

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