RR Takes on Three!

RR turned three yesterday. She’s beautiful and fun and smart. We brought a balloon when we picked her up from school and she came home wearing a birthday crown they had given her.



Being outstanding parents, we fed her pancakes for dinner and followed it up with cake and ice cream. Plus the presents, it was a bit much for her but she held up remarkably well.



She takes cake very seriously and we lit the candles and sang twice. Hell, I’d have sung five times if she said that’s what she wanted.



She’s so tall. She wears her clothes like a kid, not a baby, and I realize that toddlerhood passed us by many months ago.



But that said, she is still silly, like her mother. The two of them are a joy to watch.


I love my three year old so much.


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  1. I love the photographs. She is so cute, and so big! Can’t believe I have now been reading/following you for three years.

  2. Also, I just spent some time catching up on some of your recent posts that I hadn’t read before (I have been doing child-care for a friend for about 10 hours a day the last few weeks, so haven’t been online much), and I just wanted to reiterate again how much I love your writing, and am so glad to have this connection through the blogosphere. 🙂

    • I can’t believe we’ve been together so long either! Thank you (and thank you for being along for the ride)! PS – I can barely take care of my own child for 10 hours a day so you’re practically a superhero.

      • Thanks for the kudos! All I can say is thank-goodness for baby’s taking naps and watching a four-year old who is independent and self-motivated and has an amazing imagination. The other day he asked what the meaning of “bored” was and seemed completely perplexed about it, “You mean someone can’t find ANYTHING to do?” he said.

        Also–thinking about the fact that you are in VA, and I am in MD, made me remember that I had a dream the other night that Yogi’s Mom or perhaps it was K from Love and Chaos, hosted a gathering for all of the lesbian bloggers from this community, and so I got to hang out with all of you and RR in real life. 🙂 I think this means I spend too much time reading blogs. LOL. You all are just so fun to read, and it let’s me live my dreams of being a lesbian/queer mama vicariously through you. I know it will happen to me one day–just not for a while, at least till I am done the phd.

  3. Love love love that 4th photo. So cute!

  4. Happy Birthday RR.

  5. Happy birthday, RR!

  6. Happy Birthday RR!!! Can’t wait until we can have a playdate! 🙂 I’m sure you and my girls could have a lot of fun. 🙂

  7. That is one fabulous little person. Also balloons. Is there ANYTHING more exciting? Not for Yogi.

  8. Sounds like a most excellent birthday! And she does look like such a big kid, it’s crazy how that happens.

  9. I think on little man’s last birthday we sang Happy Birthday four or five times. Even on our birthdays we have to sing it several times. He just loves it too. Happy Birthday to RR. it has been fun watching her grow!

  10. Happy Birthday, RR! It looks like a perfect day was had by all. 🙂

  11. Dang, she’s a cutie.

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