Probably Not Pregnant

I’ll go ahead and save you the finger exercise: It’s too early to know! Lots of people don’t feel anything til weeks after! Be patient! This has as good a chance of working as not working! And you guys, you are the best ever. Because you tell me this even though you and I both know there’s nothing to fix it but to actually know.

But let me tell you. Even in the absence of actual evidence, I’m pretty sure I know. God, that’s depressing.

Last month, the same thing happened. We cruised along until the ninth day after the IUI and I felt progressively more pregnant. Bits of actual symptoms here and there. Then all of a sudden, the tenth day arrives and bam. I don’t feel pregnant. I’m starting to feel my uterus in ways that I always do, every month since I was 11 except for that unfortunate set of years at the dawn of the century (that’s totally pretentious but also, you guys, totally true! We get to actually use that!) I’m telling you, if I had a personal list of “Oh hey, your period’s coming checkboxes!” – which I would I have if I’d actually ever paid attention – I’d be checking off every one.

So yes, it’s only 11 days. But if I’m right, which I think I am, we’ll be ordering more mountaineer and and taking another shot next month.

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  1. If it helps at all I remember feeling pregnant pregnant pregnant and then one day, totally not pregnant. And I was pregnant with my son. So maybe?

    Also, I needed to exercise my fingers.

  2. Fingers crossed that you’re wrong. 🙂

  3. Fingers crossed anyway, though it sounds like you know your body pretty well.

  4. I have this weird thing about sports. I’ve never even admitted to it out loud because it’s just ridiculous, but say I’m at a Lakers game. I really want the Lakers to win, but I feel like if I acknowledge that I really want them to win, they are going to lose. So toward the end of the 4th quarter when the score is *this* close, I make a grand proclamation out loud that there is absolutely no way they’re going to win this. It annoys everyone around me and my wife looks at me like I’m a crazy person, but then–they WIN and everyone around me looks at me with that “I told you so” look. I shrug outwardly, but really I’m smiling a smug smile because IF THEY ONLY KNEW that my bizarre superstition totally worked and if I hadn’t said it, they would have LOST. This exact scenario carries over into many other non-sports related aspects of my life, including everything related to TTC. Yes, I am truly strange, but I consider it a good sign that you made this grand “not gonna happen” proclamation to the universe. And I’ll cross my fingers anyway.

  5. Fingers are still crossed regardless! Though, I am sure it’s frustrating for you, I will hope for you!

  6. Fingers and toes crossed.

  7. but I *want* you to be preggers! Soooo much!

  8. Still crossing fingers

  9. Well, you used up all my arguments!
    Still. 11 dpo. Bah. I roll my eyes at 11 dpo.
    Hang tight.

  10. You have just describe how I’ve felt about every cycle. Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong. Waiting blows.

  11. Hate the waiting, hope you are doing good at least semi-distracting stuff while you wait for the call.

  12. Any updates? Thinking about you!

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