Trying Again

Yesterday, we did the second of two IUIs for this month. I’m in awe of my body and its textbook timing. Ten years ago I gave up on the idea of having a biological child because I couldn’t line up any of my biology or, let’s face it, change my habits, in order to even get to the point of visiting a fertility clinic. Now I’m ovulating on the 15th day of a cycle and finishing out 15 days later. Amazing. Go old eggs.

Speaking of old eggs, we had the chance to do two IUIs back to back this month (for those playing along at home, this is to increase the chances of the sperm helping my egg and her walker across the street). I’m delighted to be trying again even though this week has been EXCEPTIONALLY difficult in three-year-old land. Seriously, how did any of us live past the age of three?

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  1. Three is why mine is an only child.

    Good luck. Everything’s crossed for you.

  2. Ah, three. That is why my children are 2.5 years apart. (And why there will probably not be any more of them.) Tiny switch, extraordinarily difficult age, etc.

  3. Good luck this month! and three is just a phase…. this too shall pass

    • I think people on the street are beginning to worry about me…I wander around mumbling thistooshallpass pretty much constantly these days.

  4. She won’t be three when she’s sixteen! 😉

    Everything’s crossed.

    • God save her if she’s anything like me at 16. Fortunately, she didn’t get any of my genes so she has a fighting chance! 😉

  5. do you credit the paleo to this? I am in awe of your cycles.

    • Well, whether or not it’s the paleo (which we are not strict about), I got regular a few months after we did the Whole 30 and changed our way of eating. That said, I also started getting more and better sleep, my mental health steadied out, and I lost a bunch of weight. Any or all of those things might be the cause but I attribute all of THOSE things to dropping wheat (aside from cookies now and again), dairy (except the occasional bite of cheese or ice cream), and sugar (mostly – see aforementioned cookies…). Who knows what the real trigger is!

  6. Good luck!

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