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Story Time and Scar Arm

Every night my daughter rockets out of her room, pajama-clad, curls flying, and singsongs (at the top of her lungs):


The words run together and she throws her head back, cackles, and races back to her room hollering, “Chase me!”

Every night. Sometimes she wraps it all up with a tantrum. Other times she grabs my hands and climbs up the balance ball I use as a footstool, wobbling precariously, until she stands on top, takes a huge bounce, and lands on my lap knees first. Bedtime is a contact sport.

D puts on her pajamas, I read the stories. Routines are important to RR and while I tend to ramble about life in a different order every day, she has a prescribed order of activities with precise rules. Unfortunately, she maintains an eyes-only clearance on that list. We are not cleared for viewing. Enter: tantrums.

Eventually, she and I end up in position (it never, ever varies) and she picks a book to read. She has four preferred reads this month, Where the Wild Things Are, My Many Colored Days (both memorized), Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, and The Rainbow Goblins. While all of them are beautiful to look at, the latter two have so many words that I just don’t read them all.

That’s right. I skip things. Whole pages, entire paragraphs, extraneous descriptions. I knew I wasn’t the only one who did this – seriously, do ANY of you read Cars and Trucks and Things That Go? ALL of it? If you do, hold on, I’ll bake you some cookies. But I’m not the only one. Here you are, laugh away, this is exactly what goes on at my house:

Jason Good’s “Seminar: Methods for Shortening Books”

And, for Melanie, whose delicate sensibilities were offended by my scar arm, here is a recent, non-stitchy picture. Not a pretty healer, no. Be careful or I’ll include pictures of my scar neck, scar thigh, and scar ankle.

photo (1)

4 Responses

  1. Dude, cars and trucks and things that go is squarely on our “not at bedtime” list. Even looking at all the pages takes too long. We store ours in the living room. It is deeply loved, but NOT AT BEDTIME. Recently I’ve been trying to institute a policy that longer books count as more than one. Frances = 2. Firecat = 3. Little Bear and Frog and Toad get counted chapter by chapter (although I get suckered into doing all five chapters, at least it’s not that plus two more books.) partly, all this is necessarily because I have hang-ups about skipping words. Though sometimes multiple pages of One Fish Two Fish do accidentally get flipped simultaneously….

    • We hide our copy behind the chair. It’s a once a week sort of thing. I think we read/look at 10 pages, tops. And we don’t bring Seuss into the house (with that exception – the Colors book). He just goes on and on and on. Maybe when she’s closer to reading. Green Eggs and Ham is like 30 pages!

  2. Never, ever sit down and read her “Eloise”. It’s incredibly long. And may give her certain ideas.

  3. I have recently been doing most of my reading of blogs on my phone, which ruins commenting, because my phone is rubbish. I had meant to remember to come back to thank you for this though, so, er, thanks 🙂

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