You know what I don’t care for? Feeling like this.

I put more salt than usual on my eggs. And then sprinkled sugar on my peaches and cream. Haven’t done in over a year.

A slightly (and I mean barely) confrontational email this morning raised my hackles more than it ought though it was quickly and happily resolved, despite my mental thunderclouds.

A lump in my chest over the not-even-real feather-ruffling and I feel like crying. Just a bit. Just while no one can see. I know I’ve no excuse for this and so I won’t, even though everything seems depressingly dingy at the edges.

Chocolate, even though I didn’t really want it, I did. And so I ate it. And it didn’t make me feel better.

Yesterday I wanted to write something about feeling pregnant or not. Until I realized I felt nothing at all and so I gave up and decided to wait until I had something to say. I had hoped it wouldn’t be something like this. I’m not a classic PMS symptom-haver but if that’s not what this is, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

This is the first image the appears when you search “monkey’s uncle”:


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  1. That’s quite a monkey’s uncle you’ve got there.
    (I know you know PMS and early pregnancy read the same, especially when you don’t know how your body “does” pregnancy.)

  2. Hang in there, Meridith! I still have my fingers crossed for ya.

  3. I was convinced that I was PMSing the day before the positive pregnancy test. I snapped at everybody, raided my kitchen for chocolate, then sulked because I was sure I was about to bleed. I was wrong. I hope you are too!

  4. Ummmmm I ate tons of chocolate, snapped at anyone who came close, and cried big fat crocodile tears over basically nothing during my nine month stint and I most certainly was NOT pmsing!

    Just sayin’. Now here, have some chocolate so we can be friends again.

  5. I’m on my own tonight because my other half is playing softball. For dinner, I ordered a pizza and chocolate. Point being: PMS. I hear ya.

  6. PMS and early pregnancy are distressingly similar on the symptoms front.

    Also, dark-chocolate-covered pretzels are currently the best thing in the entire universe. I’m kind of dicey on most sweets at the moment (I want them, but they make my stomach even MORE acidic, so…), but those are just fine. And better than fine.

  7. Why hello there Monkey’s Uncle. I’ve got a great distraction for you. I’ve nominated you for a blog award! Check out my most recent post for details. Hoping that you’ll have the time to play along. Answering all my nosy questions might be just the thing! Right?

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