Know More Than You Ever Wanted To Know!

So there I was thinking:

A) I’m going to hurl
B) I’ve got to stop complaining about RR
C) There’s a relationship between those two things, I’m sure of it.

We can guess:

A) RR’s shenanigans, which to be fair, are more like direct acts of war, are causing me so much stress I’m going to be physically ill.
B) The nausea is a sign that my body is trying again to make things work and the idea of having another 3-yr-old is making me ill.
C) I have the flu. RR is the culprit despite showing no symptoms. Like a biological weapon.
D) Associating my daughter with weapons and war has karmically inflicted an ulcer on me.

But guess what, this means I’m distracting myself with fun facts and games and so I will tell you that I know at least two other terrific writers who have said, hey, I think you deserve a Nobel for being a paragon of peaceful inspiration! Okay, that’s not at all what they said (obviously) but they did nominate this site for a Liebster Award which, as far as I can tell, is a great way for small sites to drive traffic to each other while giving a hearty pat on the back. Who doesn’t like that? There are strings attached to this red-carpet extravaganza and so I stuck the whole thing over on another page, here.

Read away. And, if you were wondering, this is nine days after the first IUI. The exact same time the nausea showed up last time before disappearing with a poof on the 11th day. I imagine I’ve been queasy at this time of the month every month since I was 11 but I could also be pregnant and wouldn’t THAT be something. Three be damned.


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  1. One month I decided I was absolutely pregnant. Then, as a thought experiment, I decided to subject my knee to the same mental scrutiny my uterus. Then I decided I had an ectopic knee pregnancy.

    I didn’t. But then again, I was in serious despair the cycle I did get pregnant, because my boobs did the same inflating-deflating game on the same days they did when I wasn’t pregnant. Go the fuck figure.

    • That’s exactly it, though, isn’t it? All of a sudden you’re paying attention and then you realize, of COURSE! I’ve had meningitis all along! It’s a miracle I’m still alive! Baby, shmaby, at least I have my health…

  2. Can we use “ectopic knee pregnancy” as a euphemism for something? Befuddling symptoms, perhaps, or the bait-and-switch mind games of the two week wait? EKP has a nice ring to it and if there’s anything the TTC blog process needs, it’s more inscrutable abbreviations.

    • Huh. That was supposed to be a reply to Bionic. Oh well.

    • Amen to THAT.

    • I love the idea of the “EKP”. And I totally succumbed to that phenomenon, even when I told myself I wouldn’t be one of “those” people.

      I should not have been surprised, however, given that I am perfectly capable of convincing myself I suffer from any medical affliction I am currently reading about, *even if I lack the anatomical features said affliction actually afflicts*. (Say, a prostate, for example.) Yes, I’m talented. And yes, this is why I almost never google symptoms of anything.

      • But what if you suddenly developed a prostate?! I mean, some people are late bloomers, right? IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANY OF US AT ANY MOMENT NOW!

        I totally proposed this, by the way. And if more people read my blog, we might even get it to catch on.

  3. […] I have a couple of posts in the works but wanted to get this out there before I totally forget the conversation, stolen brazenly from Bionic Brooklynite’s comment on Counting Chickens’ blog.  […]

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