Roller Coasters Are a Consolation Prize

Well, you all, I was sure this month we had it in the bag. The sorts of things that happened last month that were hopeful – unexplained nausea and exhaustion – showed up times three this month. We even made it past fateful day 10 where any symptom that could have been pregnancy typically evaporates. Today, the 12th day after ovulation, we took a test because come on! How could I not be?! I’ve never felt this seasick, this bone-tired in my life.

But the test was negative and I apparently just have a novel case of the flu. My nausea has disappeared and my uterus is cramping something fierce even though my period isn’t due until Wednesday. So, I don’t approve of THAT. On the other hand, we’re off to an amusement park tomorrow and while I expect to mostly be on the ground watching RR take it all in, I’m not ruling out flinging myself down some very, very steep hill.



7 Responses

  1. Well, poop.

  2. Dislike!

  3. An amusement park, eh? Hope those roller coasters are better than this one. No fun!

  4. Well damnit. 😦

  5. That sucks!!!
    Sorry you’re on this effed up ride. Hopefully you won’t fling yourself down any hills until you answer my questions. hahah
    I shall send all the sticky sperm-fertilizes-egg vibes I can.

  6. Blerg. I’m really sorry to hear that.

  7. Well that sucks! I’m so sorry. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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