You all, I live with Mohammed Ali.



In the span of her three years with us she has whacked my teeth, jammed an elbow into my eye, kicked my jaw, and hammered my cheekbone. So far though, I’ve been without any obvious damage. Just my limping, hobbled soul.

On Friday, RR threw her head back and slammed into my nose. There was a moment of stillness as I did what you do when you get hit in the face, cover your poor nose with your hands. Which then rapidly filled with blood.

I didn’t actually see stars so much as felt my entire world go a little dim. Rest assured, it eventually stopped bleeding and don’t need a nose job any more than I did before. On the other hand, there was a little crackling as I wiggled the bottom of my nose back and forth. And, since I have a cold, the constant nose blowing results in constant, subtle crinkling.


It’s not the only damage she did this week. She also left a light on in my car, completely draining the battery. Viva parenthood.


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  1. Parenting is a full contact sport.

  2. At least you’ll have stories to tell when she becomes a champion boxer… Right?

  3. You know she’ll be safe when she starts dating!

  4. Ouch!!! My sister used to great people by banging heads with them when she was about two.

  5. C did the same thing to S, twice… Fun times!

  6. Ouch!!!

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