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Potty Training is for the Birds

You guys, I have a lot of feelings about this week. Today, RR had her first full day at her new school after a week’s worth of half days and hour-long orientations. She has managed the chaos by spitting and sputtering, hitting and kicking, and speaking in tongues. I think I expected more tantrums and less lashing out and, really, it took me until today to realize that it actually is lashing out. Last night, we swapped bedtime roles in order to disrupt the chaos she was creating. She wasn’t listening, preferring to scream nonsense syllables over everything we say. She is finding every opportunity to fight and push and stretch limits. But we’ve all had a first day at a new school. If that doesn’t wreak a little havoc on your world, nothing will.

It’s not just being at a new school of course, it’s potty training. On Tuesday, she blew through five outfits in two hours. On Wednesday, three. Today, she spent all day at school and we sent no fewer than 10 pairs of panties (possibly more) and a stack of shorts. You’d think that she’d have been dismayed when she realized she was wet AGAIN but, apparently, not dismayed enough to consider the potty her friend. I have every hope that she’ll have managed it at least once today but, to be honest, I won’t be surprised if we continue in the same vein. Which means that we have a long weekend of laundry ahead of us. Dammit, we’re such good parents. How come we can’t find a strategy that works?

Hand in hand with the potty training (and laundry) comes a bed. It doesn’t seem fair or smart to put her down for a nap in panties and give her no way to get to the potty. I love the crib. She loves the crib. But it’s time for the crib to go. This is going to alarm her and, I suspect, if I thought she was lashing out before, she’ll really be lashing out now. It’s our fault. We’ve babied her (see: crib) and we’re hearing a continuous stream of “I’m too little to use the potty. I need you to feed me like a baby. Carry me, mama, like a baby. I can’t. I’m just a little baby.” I know she’ll get it. I wish for all of our sakes that she’d get it faster.

That said, I’m learning the Montessori ropes (totally different than our previous school experience) and scrambling to prepare for the beginning of a new academic year. On Monday, I’ll pop in for a progesterone test at the midway point of the two weeks. But let me tell you, if the way I feel today is any indication, there’s plenty of progesterone swamping me. I’m tired, friends. So tired.


8 Responses

  1. Tired is actually quite good.

    New school, new bed AND Potty all at once? That’s a boatload of changes. And she’s three. Maybe consider taking at least one off the table right now?

    I feel ya on the bedtime meltdown. We have sooooooo been there.

    • Too much for me, at any rate. The school and potty we’re stuck with but we might be able to hold off the bed for a little bit at least.

  2. I can’t believe you made it this long with the crib. That said, our transition with the Bean (albeit at an earlier age) was not as horrible as I’d feared. Unless you count the part where we can no longer leave him alone and have any hope he will ever sleep. So, yeah. Good times.

    • She’s still taking 3 hour naps – I haven’t wanted to give that up! Since we’re pretty sure she’s sometimes awake but playing quietly, the crib means she’s locked up while she does it. More peace for her mamas. Alas, nothing lasts forever!

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  4. What’s your crib like? At least with Critter’s, you can remove a side and make it into a day bed, which is what we did. Also, we added a small rail to keep him from rolling out, although I’m not sure he would anyway. This way we were able to introduced him to the concept of sleeping in a “big kid” bed, while still keeping it familiar. It might make the transition a little easier, if that’s an option.

    Alas, I have zero advice on the potty training. Critter has recently taken to conceding that “someday” he will use the potty, which is a step forward from “I don’t want to!”, but “someday” is sure as hell not “today”.

    • Exactly what we did, and even though the child is constitutionally opposed to change, she was actually fine with the switch from crib to bed, I think because it was still familiar, just easier to get into.

  5. It has nothing to do with your parenting. Really. Kids are, functionally, psychotic little sociopaths – I mean, what would you do if an adult, disappointed by the word ‘no’, shrieked, threw herself on the floor, hit you across the face, and then ran into traffic? – and they eventually get over it, which makes it not one tiny bit more bearable when it’s happening. In the meanwhile, I’m sending you lots of Oxi-Clean-ful thoughts.

    (P.S. Bug was three and a half before he got out of a crib, and even then, he didn’t want to – he’d never climbed out or anything – but he kept throwing up and Dr. S, who deals with Disgusting Things In The Night, said he really wanted a bed so the child could throw up in the bathroom at least, and I really didn’t want to deal with Disgusting Things In The Night, so there you have it.)

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