It’s All Temporary, Right?

Here’s how I hoped the week would end:

RR potty-trained! Me pregnant! 

Instead, it’s more like this:

RR does not believe the potty applies to her. I am googling “can I be pregnant with no symptoms” for the 4th time in as many months.

Fortunately, neither of these things are permanent conditions. Neither is my migraine nor the terrible smell the salon left on my hair. Not the pizza in the fridge (what were we thinking?) or the pool of pee on my bedroom floor (what was she thinking?). Definitely not the stress of the beginning of a new semester. And, of course, not even the students are permanent since they shortly will be off celebrating the winter holidays somewhere and then, not too long after, all 20,000 of them will leave town for the summer. I like having them here. And I like them. Preparing for them gives me a headache.

You guys. I expect things to start looking up around here shortly. None of this can last forever.

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  1. Everything I can think of to say is SO cliche I hate myself for even thinking it. Hang in there. From the outside looking in, the mental picture of your daughter peeing on your bedroom floor really is worthy of a chuckle. Perhaps you need to find a way to conceal a potty under a rug in the floor? And then–SURPRISE! You THOUGHT you were peeing on the floor, but look at that! Although I suppose that could backfire. When we house trained our dog when she was a puppy, we used those little disposable puppy pads in the house. Now, whenever it’s raining, she pees on the rugs like they’re puppy pads. Fortunately it doesn’t rain much in LA. Unfortunately, we still don’t get to have any nice rugs.

  2. It will not last forever. Things will look up. Day follows night, always. Cycles, cycles. It *will* get better.

  3. At least you’re still potty-trained and RR is pregnant?

    ..that’s all I got. Had my first students today. Lord, they are exhausting.

  4. Migraine? Heightened sense of smell? Some people might call those symptoms. RR needs to train so that I can reduce my anxiety over our impending training. It gets better! (right?)

  5. we all know- you more than any of us- the answer to your google query, and as for the potty training situation… maybe some strategically applied duct tape and a locked bathroom door?


    I’ll keep thinking then.

    In the wise words of Dory from Finding Nemo: Just keep (inseminating, potty training), just keep (inseminating, potty training)….

    • I might duct tape my own bedroom door shut so she can’t get in there to pee! Dory is just like the little engine that could I think I can, I think I can…

  6. This too, shall pass. The saying is cliche as hell, I know, but it endures for a reason. Sometimes, I repeat it to myself under my breath.

    For some reason, the combination of pregnancy and potty training thoughts made me want to share this: Given that I now get up to pee approximately every hour All. Night. Long (combination of increased nighttime thirst, compressed bladder, and general uncomfortableness making me want to get up, move a little, and then try lying down again), PB has suggested that I invest in some astronaut diapers so I don’t have to get up so much.

    I have informed her in response that I’m not sure that re-training myself how to wet the bed at this stage in my life is actually ideal.

  7. Pet stain remover! AND LIQUOR. Apply as needed.

    For a while Tatoe would throw up in his pack-and-play (because we are terrible parents and, in the conviction that his little monkey-like self would climb out any day, never got him a crib) and then go back to sleep and we’d have to spray it down with pet stain remover in the morning. I don’t know what magical (‘derived from cellulose!’) stuff they have in there, but that stuff is great. Anyhow. It sucks and the knowledge that it will end is… less helpful than it actually ending, no?

  8. Oh goodness! We haven’t gotten to the potty training stage and I’m starting to think that’s a good thing! As far as the not being pregnant, I’m sorry to hear that. 😦 Thinking of you, though, hang in there!

  9. Tried to train my daughter at 16 months boy was that a mistake, I spent all day cleaning up pee and poop from my floors.. I keep getting asked why isn’t she trained?… she’s 18 months now.. still can’t tell me if she wants to pee or poop why do I have to rush it ?

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