Someone around here has a cat. More than one cat.

Whoa! Your cologne is fogging up the joint.

Did I spend all day yesterday weeding? My back!

Let’s see, are there any sales on concealer? My face is a mess.

Is it hot in here or is it me?

I think we have the clomid to thank for all that. I’m walking around like a super scent-sensitive arthritic lady with one hand pressed to my back and the other hovering somewhere around my nose to simultaneously wave off the fumes, fan myself, and hide my ridiculously broken out chin. I’m going to be a hoot when I teach classes today.

I’m looking at it this way, if I don’t ever get pregnant at least I’ll have this time with clomid to pretend I know what it’s like.

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  1. Throw some progesterone suppositories in there and you’re all set!

  2. I’m still kind of shocked the military hasn’t started using preggos and those on meds for IVF as bomb sniffing soldiers yet.

  3. oh good, something to look forward to!

  4. UGH… I am SO SO SO sorry that you are on clomid. It f*ed with me to no end. For all the sadness I had at yet another failed cycle I was so glad to see the back side of that medication. Good luck! I hope it is the ticket to success for you. 🙂

  5. Good luck! I am sure I read this along the way but definitely am forgetting…are you doing IUI or IVF? I am starting my IVF cycle next month and am worried about the meds being that I never take a pill for anything! Stay positive!

    • We’re doing IUI. I don’t dig the Clomid but if it gives me a better chance, I’ll put up with the side effects!

      • Makes COMPLETE sense. At some point in time was against IVF but from what I understand now, it may be my only chance 😉 so, IVF it is 😉

      • I have a billion complicated feelings about ivf for myself so I totally understand. Good luck and I hope it does the trick!

  6. Errrrrrrgh. Sounds FUN!

  7. Yikes. I hope it makes enough of a difference to justify those side effects.

  8. Thanks for the warning. I’m excited for what November will bring!
    Sending you lots of positive baby-making vibes.

  9. If the Clomid doesn’t do the trick in a couple of cycles, you might see if you can switch to Femara. It didn’t really give me much in the way of side effects at all. And my RE said she thought it was a better drug overall anyway.

    Still, I’m hoping that this cycle works, and that’s not even an issue. Right?

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