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A New Niece!

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel when my sister had her baby. I’ll admit, I was a little bit jealous (such a terrible concept isn’t it? Not something you like to admit.) seeing how beautifully she carried the baby. I want so much to have that experience. But the experience of having a newborn, I have had that. I’m so fortunate to have had that. It has made seeing pictures of her cuddling my niece – I know! I LOVE baby girls! – purely happy and not at all tinged with “why not me?” I think that’s a perfectly valid emotion and I’m grateful not to be experiencing it. And you guys, she is beautiful. I can’t wait to meet her when we visit in November. Moments like these make me wish my family, or at least my sister, lived closer. I’d love to be able to pop over to the hospital. To cook for her at the beginning. To snuggle my tiny, sleeping (or crying, whatever) niece and kiss her soft head.

Yesterday, I enjoyed our juxtaposition. I was at the clinic for an IUI – the last, probably and more on that to come – feeling more confident than usual and hoping that the 20 minutes on my back in a dim room would get me to the same spot as my sister is. So of course, I can’t wait to meet her baby but, even more, I can’t wait to meet mine (hopefully, maybe, please).

Hurrah for babies!


5 Responses

  1. Floating some major good vibes your way for a sticky one…
    (And congrats on being an awesome aunt already.)

  2. Congrats, Auntie! Thinking abundant positive thoughts for you. September is going to be a good month. I am determined.

  3. Hurrah indeed! Fingers crossed for you!!

  4. Fingers crossed! I was incredibly jealous when my sister was pregnant and I wasn’t at any point if my life to be jealous so I can’t imagine how you feel. Hugs!

    • I meant I wasn’t at any point in my life to be pregnant! Sorry I was thinking faster then I was typing!

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