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Back to the clinic for a progesterone test. I wasn’t required to go this time and I have a spotless ovulation record but, as I’m feeling fewer symptoms than ever before, I just wanted some $56 insurance. You know, $56 is a drop in the bucket in this whole baby making business.

It’s also not really any sort of insurance at all as my progesterone was top of the class last month and my mythical baby was a uterine dropout. But compared to previous months, nothing is happening. I don’t have any symptoms to record in all my recording places. So I’d like to know, are there any eggs in there at all?

Apparently there is one in there somewhere as the number was 55 this time (hey! a dollar a point!) and, as the nurse reported, this is excellent for a medicated cycle. I question her use of the word excellent as last time the number was 75 but hey, maybe 55 is my baby-netting sweet spot. Another seven days and we’ll have our answer. In the meantime, I’m compiling a list of all the good things about just having one.



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  1. The cycle when I finally got pregnant was the ONLY cycle where I had no symptoms. After all that diligent note-keeping! Maybe it’s a good sign?

  2. I work in marketing and I analyze data for a living, but all of this TTC tracking data can bite me. Lately, I feel like all it does is a) add years to my crazy or b) take years away from my sanity. Signs be damned, this will totally be your month. Although I will also say that as a member of the Spoiled Only Child club, myself–there’s a heck of a lot to be said for being an only child.

  3. As the parent of an only, I can go on for hours the delights of raising an only child. I can also share some of our tricks for raising an only who is not your typical only.

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