GTFO Cyst?

Probably just a little cyst, the fertility clinic says. That’s why you’re late but the tests are negative. Just wait until Monday. I’m sure, as soon as you hang up with me your period will come.

And so we wait.

I got up this morning to take a test, narrowly missing the sizable brown spider perched at the entrance to the bathroom. We have a small bathroom, you all, and that spider looked like it filled the whole door frame. He observed while I tried to work the stick, which is hard if you’re not the sort of person who prefers to open her eyes until she at least gets into the shower (that’s right, I brush my teeth blind, fun facts!) and harder still if you’re trying to keep one eye on the hulking spider in the door just in case he hasn’t got his eyes open either and blunders toward you. It’s hard not to think that I might have done it wrong but seriously, it’s not that hard to pee on a stick.

Last night we spent some time talking about all the good things to come if I’m pregnant which, last night, seemed a very real possibility. Except, of course, for the complete absence of symptoms. I’m not late. Not like this. And it seemed plausible that a negative test two weeks after the IUI wasn’t the final word. So I was surprised this morning to see only the test line and nothing else. It does not seem plausible that a test 16 days after the IUI would be wrong. So what’s going on in there?

If it’s a cyst, I’m glad it’s the first we’re seeing of it. Knowing that it could derail upcoming attempts would be so frustrating and, since we’re done, it’s less frustrating and more worrying. I hope I haven’t damaged something to the extent further intervention is needed.

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  1. Oh, uncertainty and waiting are the Worst. I can only hope your waiting will end soon.

    Fluid-filled ovarian cysts are extremely common, and almost completely harmless. (If they get large and burst, they hurt, but don’t actually damage anything. Anyway, they rarely get large.) Luckily, there is an easy way to control large cysts: birth control pills! I’m sure it won’t come to that.


  2. When I was in college I had a very large cyst, it hurt but I don’t remember it impacting my cycle at all. I hope it resolves itself quickly.

  3. Sending hugs.

  4. I vote you give the cyst a name and we’ll throw it a going away party.

  5. Gaaahhh! How crazy-making to have this particular cycle, which has so much riding on it, to be the one with the ambiguous results.
    So sorry to hear that the test this morning was negative, but glad you’re already thinking about the good things (and there are lots!) about having RR be an only.

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