I Yike Your Boots, Mama

My friend over at Not Sisters (also, for the duel female households among us – how great a title is that?) commented that I should name my bike Ripper. There is no better name. I’d like a little license plate but I’m afraid that would take some of the oomph away. It’ll have to be between us.

Ripper likes my boots. So does RR. I think they are very worthy for a fall Friday. Also, this is my very first pair of tall boots ever and I am inordinately proud of them so I had to show them to you. Hurrah for vampire slaying librarians in boots!



3 Responses

  1. I like those boots too! Boots rule!

  2. I yike your boots, too. (also, perfect blog title. we have the same last name, and have been asked if we were sisters on multiple occasions. Including by the window guy who had spent significant time in our house, around us, watching us parent. Kind of funny. Or, you know, something else.)

  3. Vampire slaying librarians in boots… Very nice *drool*

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