Holy Smokes

It’s okay, you can say it, RR is the cutest firefighter you’ve ever seen. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you’re such a softie.

2013-10-25 17.38.58

School doesn’t have a costume parade or Halloween celebration like we’ve had in the past so RR won’t be stretched whisper-thin by the time we pick her up to trick-or-treat. Exhibit one (cute pic to boot!).

I also didn’t sew a stitch this year. Good, I think, given the state of the room where the sewing machine is. I don’t even want to know which part of our Feng Shui that room is affecting. It’s like a hurricane hit. We’re preparing to take loads of baby clothes to my sister and there are memories, tears and happiness splashed all over that room.

Since RR is enamored with rescue vehicles, she already had a pair of galoshes that looked like fire boots and a yellow rain jacket with fire station-esque emblems on it. Our friends tossed in a hat and we touched her up with some soot and she was herself only more fire-y. As you know, this has been our costume strategy in the past. Exhibit two.

We’ve been practicing our trick-or-treating techniques over breakfast this week.
Me: (knock, knock)
Me: (whispering) Say trick-or-treat.
Me: (Pretending to give candy) Aren’t you a cute firefighter?

RR left for school with imaginary candies in her hands each morning. Halloween and three. I’m not sure it gets better than that.

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  1. Halloween and four is pretty good. So is halloween & five and so on down the line.
    Halloween at 11 had her breaking out the glue gun and making her own costume with a very small assist from her mother until she got fired for improper glue gun usage.

  2. Children trick or treating is my favorite part of fall. 🙂 She’s as cute as a button.

    • Aren’t they so cute? It’s a tough decision whether to be the mama that walks with her from house to house or the one who stays home to pass out candy!

  3. Twick or tweat…laughing.
    So cute.
    Hopefully the weather is good there, here you would go as a witch with massive rain and hi winds.
    Great family there.
    Smile….you have so much to smile about.

    • It’s wonderful to be somewhere that it’s chilly (or can be – not this year) on Halloween but not cold. No worry about covering up cute costumes with coats and winter hats!

  4. Adorable!! If she loves rescue vehicles, perhaps she’d like the cartoon Rescue Bots. It is Transformers, but all the characters are rescue vehicles. My almost 4-year-old adores it, he watches it on Netflix. (Occasionally, we are usually a PBS-only household.)

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Cutest!

  6. The soot is such a great touch! I work in a children’s bookstore and I am dying of cuteness today.

  7. So cute!

  8. It was so warm today! (For October.) In Cold State it has snowed by Halloween every year. RR is the cutest little firefighter in town! Bug was one for two years in a row until he decided this year he had to be a superhero (I blame the “Superhero ABC” book).

  9. Fighting fire with…cute. Spectacular! Though I have to say, having looked back at the old posts you linked, I think I like the hippie one best. Love that you took On the other hand, soot + suit = pretty darn suite sweet.

  10. Holy crap, she’s adorable in that costume!!!

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