We ALL Use The Potty, Do You Hear Me?

Well, not ALL of us. RR, I’m looking at you.

Today is the first day of RR’s winter break. She will be home for two weeks with someone, although it’s a bit spotty whether that person will be me, her mother, her grandparents, or some combination of the group. It’ll be all of us and the potty.


As you know, our attempt to go cold turkey back in August was unsuccessful and we retreated into diapers, teaching her to change them herself and clean up on the toilet. She does this at school reliably and less so at home but that’s because we decided to use our parental currency on other things this fall.

Five months later and a solid two weeks in hand, we’re going to make another go of it. As you know we’ve tried nearly everything (I have, so far, drawn the line at pumping her full of liquids on purpose) and she still has yet to deposit a drop. We’re armed with ideas from our doctor (who, by the way, agrees nothing physiological is stopping her) and from a child behavior specialist. She may well be getting a doll that pees for Christmas after all.

Wish us luck this time. I don’t have high expectations but I am hopeful.


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  1. Good luck!! Hopefully you have plenty of success and you get an early New Year’s Eve present 😉

  2. Good luck!!

  3. Good luck! Maybe magical Grandparent Approval will do the trick this time.

  4. We used the holiday break to housebreak, I mean, potty train Edie girl. Good luck. Let us know if you need reinforcements.

  5. P.S. Target has this great pet-stain-remover we used for our kids. It’s got some kind of magical (um, I mean scientific) enzyme that takes the smell RIGHT out!

  6. It’ll happen, it’s just a matter of when. My mother discovered my curiosity about public restrooms could be exploited to get me trained when I was a little one (oddly now I hate peeing in public with a passion).

  7. May the force be with all of y’all!

  8. I hope this is going well. We are going to be picking up our potty game in the New Year. We’ll see how that goes!

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