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The Stove Is Too Clean To Cook On

This morning my mom was reluctant to put the tea kettle on because the stovetop was too clean.

Go ahead. Take that in.

The stovetop is a constant source of consternation for me. It’s one of the flat-topped ones and the glass seems to acquire charred spots if you so much as breathe near a burner. Do you have this stove?  Am I the only one this happens to? Suffice to say that I spend a lot of time cleaning it so that it doesn’t look like a troop of slovenly spillers pass the time cooking spaghetti sauce and starting grease fires all day. Debra’s therapist remarked that feeling uncomfortable around a clean stove is the sort of thing that might making moving into their house more appealing.

RR’s behavior of late is another thing that would encourage them to take us up on our offer to loan them a bed. School vacation started two weeks ago and she promptly stopped napping and started spending her days shrieking, jumping, and racing around. This also coincided with a break in both gymnastics and music classes (and that’s another post entirely) and no amount of walking or cleaning has worn her out. We made her wash rocks she found on a hike, peel carrots, sweep the floor, and make the soup. She is a banshee. My quiet parents are likely to run for the hills the second they are able!

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12 Responses

  1. I laughed when I read washing rocks. hahaha Good luck surviving these two weeks. Treadmill?

  2. I used to have just such a stove and just that problem. Specialized glass stovetop cleaner helped with the charred issue but I’m not sure it will do anything about your mom….

  3. I had to sleep with the lights on because of your preternaturally clean stove. It’s just eerie.

  4. I love my gas stove. ❤ my old house. My parents had one of those flat-top ones, someone spilled sugar on it at one point and that kind of ruined its appearance. :-/

    • I would love to have a gas stove! Alas, this one came with the house and works perfectly fine so I can’t bring myself to upgrade. we’re lucky to have the gas there if we ever decide to switch though. Sugar is the. worst. Too bad it’s also the best 🙂

  5. We have the same stove top and I hate it so much. I’ve found Dawn and more elbow grease than I posses will mostly get it clean. Bleh. As for the last two weeks of no school, cold, cold weather, and lack of play dates – My nerves are no where to be seen, along with my patience. Poor Noah!

    • It’s terrible! We use something made for glass cooktops which works okay but over time our main burner has taken on a dark cast. There’s nothing ON it but it looks like it anyway. I’ll try dawn too! And you’re not kidding about school – I’m so glad tomorrow we’re back!

  6. You got that right, I think the stove is the dirtiest appliance we have. I have used all the cleaners I could find, nothing works. I even tried replacing the stove drip pans and the burners stayed clean, but the rest of the stove was a mess.

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