My daughter, a Sleep Champion, hasn’t napped since the third week of December. I can almost tell you exactly how many days it has been. I knew we couldn’t expect to continue enjoying marathon naps (typically 12:30 to 3:30 on a weekend day) but I didn’t think she’d go cold turkey.

I’d heard about children who gave up naps. Their parents rarely survived.

It was like a timer went off in her head. Pssst. RR. You’ll be 3 and a half next week. Time to ditch the nap! Poof. It was gone. I thought it was a phase at first, send her back to school, I thought, nap times will be back. But they didn’t come back. Then I thought she just wasn’t getting enough exercise, but that wasn’t the problem either. RR moves until she is wilting…and then moves some more. Last weekend she went to two gymnastic classes and while she looked a little wild-eyed after the second one, she still didn’t nap.

She does play in her room during “naptime” and we can hear her babbling and banging around for about an hour before she comes back out. She has more toys in there than she did before, but I suspect that even if we removed them she’d still find things to clap together and with which to conduct elaborate conversations.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.37.16 PMFinger Puppet Circle

Of all the developmental leaps RR has taken at the last minute, I rather hoped that naps would be one of them. She still hasn’t figured out the potty, after all, and that’s a leap I’d push her into if I could. We’ll miss you, naps. Now about that internal timer and toilet mastery…

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  1. Oh, it is sad when they give up the naps. You have my sympathies. At least she plays semi-quietly in her room for an hour?

  2. Blame the grandparents! 🙂

  3. 22 months…yup, cold turkey (three hours to pffftt!) at 22 months. But, at 3.5 we spend that “quiet time” reading together (I read to him, then we “read” separately) and it’s rather lovely. It’s a new rhythm but, if I accept NEVER GETTING ANYTHING DONE, it’s great! Good luck with the new rhythm!

  4. I’ve heard about this scary time. I personally like to believe it will never happen to us. Be strong, my friend. Be strong.

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