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I’m not an adopter of forlorn animals. I don’t cave easily. If I did we’d have multiple hound dogs laying at our feet right now. Debra has suggested filling the baby-sized hole in our hearts (or, let’s face it, in my case a pregnancy-sized hole) with a new puppy and I have resisted on the grounds that we have the most mellow, handsome, smart dog in the universe. Yes, we do.

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But then a coworker had just the right sort of dog for my parents that, by all accounts, met their somewhat narrow definition of a good dog. You’d think “niceness” would be a quality on their list but that obviously hasn’t been a priority in the past so I tacked it on for them. He had to be out in 24 hours. And, after my mother waffled for a day, time ran out. We picked him up. This dog is not mellow. At least, not now, not after an upheaval in his life.

Chaos. And guilt. As if life weren’t already difficult enough, I’m the one the cracked the door for even more insanity. Tomorrow (and possibly Friday) we’ll be home with RR. And two dogs. And 5 cats. And my parents. And one bathroom (speaking of which, I really need my father to lock the door so my daughter doesn’t keep swinging it wide open).

I’m in desperate need of help. Ideas to entertain my daughter that will keep her from shrieking and jumping (=jumping dog=terrified RR*). Ideas to mellow out my prone-to-catastrophizing mom. Ideas to soothe my wife. Ideas to calm the new dog so that we can feel confident leaving RR with my parents, as planned, next weekend. Ideas to keep my own sanity with a three-year-old for four days. Help.


Note: we’ve reminded her about tone of voice and body language with dogs. She’s trying but she’s three and reason and logic don’t work all that well when something bigger than you is in your face. Don’t worry, we are keeping him out of her face. I’m just saying, it’s hard.

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  1. I suggest the children’s book “Ready for Anything” for your mother. We picked it up at random but it’s perfect for my prone-to-catastrophizing preschooler. As for the rest, I got nothing except wishes for good luck.

  2. I know with the weather issues around these parts this may be hard, but walk the new dog as much as you can. A tired dog is a happy dog, less likely to freak out. Says the person who’s dog is so bored she licks her feet raw but I am not a walker, but I know you are. Good luck with sanity. I hope you find her.

  3. No advice about the mother but wanted to sympathize about the dog. The NBNP bug must be going around because we just brought home a new puppy today as well! Here’s to us and our new dogs, being insane together!

  4. Not sure if you are into homeopathics but you can use ‘Bach flower essences’ eg ‘Rescue remedy’ safely on dogs. It will calm him down a bit. Assuming that’s not just a NZ thing – I think they are German.

  5. I’ve got nothing on the dog, but when Edie was three, she had a habit of walking in the bathroom and sitting down next to whomever was in there on her ‘stool’ and ‘encouraging them’ with conversations & knee pats. Pat & I got used to it, but after she did it to a friend, we came up with a way to keep her out of the bathroom – we put one of those knob covers on the outside of the door and that helped.
    Then again, perhaps a few heart to hearts in there might help RR get the hang of using the potty?

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