Although there are lots of terrific things about three, hearing RR initiate conversations is probably the best. Particularly because her sort of chatter often results in delighted laughter at learning a new word or communicating a point. This morning, while she watched Sesame Street and I was around the corner in another room:

(Under her breath) Heh heh, it’s Ernie and Bert!
Mama! An elephant is coming!
Oooh they are all singing now.
What. Is. That. Mama! What is that?
I emerge to see a shapeless pink puppet singing in the front.
It’s a fizz. (I have no idea what this puppet is.)
That’s his name?
Yep. Fizz.
Ohhhh. Usually, I like him. Fizz. (Cackling)

She is using the words usually and occasionally with abandon, typically with great seriousness. Even when she is sobbing at some great three-year-old injustice, for instance, being told to turn off Sesame Street: USUALLY I CAN DO THAT MAMA! USUALLY I WATCH IT! Leaving me to think: Occasionally, baby. OCCASIONALLY. And now is not that time.

Yep, three has its moments.


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  1. Too freaking cute. My word of choice at age 3 was apparently, “actually.” I catch my mom trying not to laugh even if I say it now as an adult. It’s given me a complex. You mom creatures are a strange breed. 🙂

  2. Critter also favors “actually”. “Actually, Mommy, I *would* like a cookie.” (Shocking, that.) Or one of my favorite rejections of a parental instruction: “That is *not* a good plan, actually!”.

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