RR is having an amazing moment. ZOO, she pointed out in a book. In another, BOO she said, pleased as punch to have noticed it. GO, she said, reading the newspaper. And it actually said go. It wasn’t a memorized book. There wasn’t a picture she guessed at. It said go, she read go, and oh my god, SHE’S READING. I find words all over the house and I’m never sure if she knows she put them there or if it’s a coincidence.


During a rare bath (she might be reading but she is filthy, I admit it), I stuck a foam G and O on the door and she shrieked with glee. I added a F and a R for kicks and when I told her it was frog she nearly fell over she laughed so hard. And then she took the PH that had been hanging out in the vicinity and smacked them in front. LOOK MAMA, she said, STILL FROG!

photo 2

You guys. HOLY SHIT.

I’d like to say this has kicked off a week alone in fine fashion (Debra has gone off to move my parents’ belongings into their house here) but the glory of last night’s bath was dampened by this morning’s argument about whether or not I had paused Curious George or turned it off altogether. This on the heels of being told that she would be hungry forever because I wouldn’t let her have a cookie before supper. She’ll be hungry forever, but she is starting to READ.

photo 3



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  1. Aaahhhhhh! I love reading SO Much. “still frog” is brilliant. Much better than being clean.

    It’s too bad about the prospective lifetime of hunger, though :-\

    • I almost posted her truly sad video complaining to Debra about her lack of a cookie but then I thought you all could just imagine it and it would be better. So much better.

  2. This is so awesome! I can’t wait until I can be so in awe of these little things! Words around the house. Hooray, RR!

  3. That’s awesome, reading is great! 🙂

  4. Filthy, starving, and literate! Every mother’s dream!

    (all due respect to those in truly in need, of course)

    You are going to have SO much fun. I love “still frog” so much.

  5. Up next driving.

    Does this mean she’s going to become a phanatic phish phan?

  6. How cool is that girl?! She’s a genius. For sure.

  7. Phreaking genius. Love it.

    • I put this on Facebook – I try to keep the ‘look at my awesome kid’ things to one per month 🙂 and I wanted to call it phreaky but I was sure people would judge me for calling her a phreak. Even if it is a little baffling that she gets the ph sound but not potty training. Maybe it it were photty training…

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