I had the chance to see RR in action today. It was her Sun Celebration which, at our school, means the children circle around a flat sun to watch and listen as RR walks around one time for each of her years on earth. For each circle, Debra and I had the chance to tell the kids about each year of RR’s life. Then we stayed for lunch and playground time.

Not only was it our first Sun Celebration, but it was my first chance to be a part of her school day. Eating lunch with 22 nearly silent children was a wonder. I’m amazed at how many of them I know – not just their names but who their parents are, how they come to school, where they live, who their friends are, and the clothes they like to wear. I’m also amazed that Debra knows even more of their names and faces.

We watched the kids scatter to play on the playground, falling into small groups. These two are wrestling. Those boys are building a sandcastle. Six girls are gathered together pretending something small and precise, all in similar flowered dresses. A pack of kids are tossing balls at a basket. Someone is tangled around my legs. RR is running, chasing, jumping, climbing, leaping, and whooping in a small group of other leaper-whoopers who are launching themselves up into the playset-pirate ship, flying over benches, and discovering mulch-treasure to take back to the ship.

I don’t know if was a glimpse of her future or a simple snapshot – likely a bit of both. She was the sole girl in a group of older boys, a 3-yr-old with tangled curls running laps with lanky 4 and 5-yr-olds. Her skirt not slowing her down for an instant as she slid down the slide in a pile of pirates and tumbled out on the ground to begin again. I wish I hadn’t been quite so glad that she wasn’t playing with the quiet, serious girls because she might someday and that’s not a terrible thing. On the other hand, she can be a pirate forever and that’s okay with me, too.

She’s such a big girl. A strong girl. A wonder. A pirate (for the moment). And a lot of fun.



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  1. One of my favorite things about living in a small town is watching the kids grow up together. It’s one of those great things you just can’t put into words.
    Does this mean RR is four? She’s getting so big!

    • Not four yet! They don’t sync up the celebrations with birthdays since the summer birthdays (RR) don’t fall during the school year and they don’t want anyone to feel left out. Nice enough. Regardless, she is a giant and will be four at the end of June. Is it wrong to tell her she can’t turn four til she uses the potty?

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  2. Hooray for RR! I’m sure that if she were playing with any other group, you would think that group was the best possible one to be playing with. Parenthood has its magics.

    • I definitely would. Because RR is also, obviously, the most beautiful, smartest, brilliant child ever born. In my completely unbiased opinion 😉

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  3. She is just so darn cute!!

  4. She sounds like such an awesome kid! You should be proud of the strong, brave girl you are raising, Mama!

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