Maybe the very best thing about traveling to a conference is the daily video message from RR. We started a morning and evening message when she couldn’t talk and even though now she can, we’re not always able to connect and see each other’s faces in real time. The little gems my wife sends to me are priceless – not only because I always miss them both terribly but because it’s a chance to look at my beanstalk with new eyes. So big, so talkative, so charming.

I would spam you to pieces but I think it’s probably enough for me to tell you that she’s devastatingly beautiful and stunningly smart. I should also probably tell you that I’m the least biased person in the world. That said, you are welcome to go through the car wash with her if you need a little diversion. As my wife said to me, it’s equal parts joy and terror.

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  1. Hehe that’s adorable!

  2. OMG. Her facial expressions and her “isn’t it?” and her “except for Mater.” So. freaking. cute.

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