Hot Damn!

I wandered through my house this morning at the fine time of 7:30 completely unimpeded by gates or screens or panting, huffing, bodies because not only have my parents moved out, but they have taken their dog.

Some of you will remember that it’s no small thing that he’s their dog to begin with. There was a very real risk he would be our dog until we rehomed him. But, my mom surprised us with a sudden desire to rescue him (not only from his crazy self but from our home, which seems to have become unfit). That’s right, while it was perfectly alright last week, it is now an environment barely fit for a flea, let alone a dog. I mean, he’s crated while we’re at work and even though he seems to enjoy it, surely it’s not good for him.

This is not an argument for him to stay, just general commentary about our apparent and sudden unfitness as dog owners. On the other had you guys, how can I have a bad attitude when I HAVE MY HOUSE BACK?

Now, I’d like my body back, my sex life back, and a whole lot of cleanliness back. I’ll take that in any order, as soon as possible. You guys. MY HOUSE. It’s MINE.




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  1. WOW.

    Well played, dog neglecters.

  2. […] How Duncan Came To Now Live In His New Home was a suggestion by Awesome Behavior Vet, who discouraged us from taking him anywhere but his new permanent location, training classes included.  Get him settled, give him drugs, and some simple home training.  So last night, we ALL got home from the vet appt, had some fried chicken, and packed up the little yellow man and sent him on his way to the farmhouse. (Isn’t that what you tell children when a dog is put down?  They moved to a farmhouse?  That’s terrible.) […]

  3. We recently re-homed 2 of our 4 dogs, and it might have been the best decision since we got married. Enjoy the peace and quiet, especially now that the folks are also gone. I can only imagine how nice it is for you guys!

  4. Hot damn? I say hot dog! This is awesome. Welcome to the rest of your life.

  5. Huzzah! And there was much rejoicing. I’m so glad you’ve got your house back! When you figure out how to get the rest of it back, please let me know.

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Also, that dog sounds CRAZY, so double yay on that. Finally, walking around your own house naked can commence. Huzzah!

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