It Isn’t My Fault At All, Apparently!

Having my parents live nearby has been more rewarding than not. I also get to catch a glimpse of my unmedicated self in my mother – just in case I was falling into the familial trap of thinking all pills are the devil.

Sanity. It’s worth it.

One of her skills is to turn everything in such a way that it has been directly influenced by or is related to her own actions. This takes extraordinary talent and is especially notable when she manages to extend it generationally.

Case in point: she is sure that the reason RR is taking so long to toilet train is because she wished this on me when I was small. And not just small. She spent a lot of time wishing I would get all of the things I challenged her with back – threefold. “At least.” She truly feels bad only not, she says, because I had it coming.






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  1. Omigod, are you my long lost sister?

  2. If this is true and moms really have this power, I am screwed.

    • I think it’s fair to say this is not true, thank goodness!

      On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 10:19 AM, Counting Chickens wrote:


  3. Um, I seriously can’t stop watching that weird head in the fluid…smiling…

  4. I could barely read the damn post because that head thing was creeping my shit out!!!

    That said, moms are a piece of work. Period. And I so hope that none of my actions result in my kids posting some weird shit on their blogs. LOL

    When are you moving to Hawaii??

    • I could barely post that head but it was so…perfect. Also, what I wouldn’t give to live in a state where I could not only be married but ALSO live next to someone I could trade books with. But not those books.

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