My wife is off right now cutting her hair. I’m not sure what she’ll come home with. Less hair? A lot less hair? No hair? There’s a novel here about her hair and her feelings about it and maybe she’ll tell it. I suppose it’ll depend on how she feels about her new hair. I suspect she’d also like me to have feelings.

Wife, standing at edge of bed and holding her hair in her hand: I’m getting this cut tomorrow, you know. How will you feel about it?

Me, reading in the bed: I don’t really care as long as you’re happy.


This has been going on for some time and I do just want her to be happy. I’d also like her to get on with it while she’d like to consider it from every angle, for years if necessary. Hair is complex and personal so I don’t blame her for taking her time.

I don’t talk much about our relationship. Sometimes I wish I had a tell all where I could dump steamy thoughts and torrid tell alls but I usually just work out the fraught moments with my wife and there’s nothing left to write. Sometimes though, there’s something still unsaid. I suspect she’s worried that I won’t love her if she has less hair. I worry that she’ll expect a reaction other than the one that comes naturally to me. I hope this will rejuvenate some part of her. I want this to not be tied to me or how I feel.

Is this about hair or being married?


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  1. I don’t know. I’m also the one in my marriage who is like “do whatever will make you happy.” My wife has a lot of opinions about my hair, as do I sadly.

  2. Haha, I’m the one who is constantly talking about hair and how I want it longer, shorter, darker, lighter. My wife is like “I dunno – do what you like!” Which is sweet, but I want to know she likes it!

  3. I always tell Rebeca that I want her to have super short hair again, but she says she’s too fat to pull it off.
    She LOVES me with really long hair but doesn’t like that I just throw it in a ponytail. (It’s waaaaay to hot where I work for long hair.)

    My hair is short and hers is at her shoulders. In the end we both do what we want and it’s fine.

    But I would like to see more relationships posts 🙂 I feel like I’m always spilling my shit to you all. lol

  4. It seems like it is about much more than hair. I hope she is happy and rejuvinated, nothing like a good head/neck massage in my book.

  5. This is about both her hair AND marriage! I’m growing my hair out, and have been for the past year. It has been short for years, and short since I met the wife, and so naturally I must check in with her weekly or sometimes daily (depending on the moon and/or my cycle and how overtired I am) to make sure she’s on board.

    You want the one you’re with to like looking at you… 😉

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