Fire Cider

Saturday was for cold season. Although we’re all healthy, we are anticipating that the giant petri dish that is working in a University will eventually gift us some kind of cold. So we tried our hand at fire cider. I can’t explain this to you. Go here for a recipe and here for a video.

photo 1

We usually muddle through with a combination of good luck, strong immune systems, and a healthy dose of elderberry syrup, but it seemed as though this horseradish-boasting recipe* could blast through a stuffy nose. This is the bane of my winter.

I have no idea what to expect but I can’t wait to give it a shot!

photo 2


*Debra was on horseradish duty. Unfortunately, I may never be able to convince her to do this again. Then again, maybe those were tears of joy at grating duty?

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  1. An unfortunate summer cold and the resulting lack of sleep due to congestion made me so desperate I tried the “neti pot” suggested by my clinic’s nursing staff. Actually, I tried the plastic squeeze bottle version. Despite the horrible text-covered packaging, the drug-grade salt mixed with distilled water DID rinse out all the gunk and let me sleep well for the first time in days. I used it perhaps twice a day during the depths of the cold since it was so much more effective than any drug.

    So, if you get sick this winter, consider heading to Target and picking one up. Being able to breath was worth the 5 minutes of “why is there salt water in my nose OMG I’m drowning in the ocean and yet I can still breath through my mouth” weirdness.

    • Oh the neti pot. We have one and I have a love (yay, I’m temporarily fixed) hate relationship (this is so weird.) That said, it works like a charm!

  2. Neti’s are a gift from the heavens. Yes they feel weird & violating at first, but you get over that.
    Pat’s upstairs as I type this, sleeping off some bug he picked up that has me terrified it’s that nasty one going around. I may have to go make this now.

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