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Last Wednesday we landed on the cover of the local weekly paper.


The interview came about the normal way, which is weird in and of itself, to think of interviews as being normal. There was less angst over clothing and talking points this time since it’s our sixth time in one paper or another in the last couple of years (seventh if you count an impromptu television interview). It’s both cool and surreal to see RR grow up in newsprint.

do you

It also satisfies something inside that with each interview we’re getting closer to equality. The evolution from captioned activist photos on the front page to below the fold interviews to DOMA updates to a sizable interview in a weekly has come with more tolerance and more acceptance (and a better photo each time). Our interviewers have become increasingly more well-informed and relaxed (and so have we). We sound more confident and articulate each time (thank goodness).


Pride was this weekend and Debra sat under a dripping tent while RR and I donned raincoats and  camped out on a blanket in front of the stage. Our allies stopped by and friends joined us on the blanket to have a very short but gratifying conversation about queer space.* I was prepared and sort of nervous to be recognized since our pictures are tucked inside a news box on every corner but we slid through the day peacefully. It was a weird feeling wondering whether people were identifying us privately but not saying anything or whether we were surrounded by 2000 gay folks and their friends at a gay celebration who hadn’t picked up the gay issue of the popular weekly.

rr and box

To top it off, Debra was quoted on the front page of Sunday paper having very briefly talked to a reporter at her Pride booth. The butch-focused booth was a new endeavor for her and I was thrilled to see her hard work well received by the community. And, while we live in a progressive town, having something about butch identity on the front page is a major accomplishment.

I say all that to say this: I’m hugely proud of my family and I really hope this is the last time we are in the news talking about our rights. If we’re in the paper again, I’d like it to be a wedding announcement.

*While we have super friends, super super friends, there’s something to be said for that moment when everyone at the table (or blanket, in this case) is coming from a common place of understanding. I’m delighted to be able have it both ways and the first makes the second even more cherished.


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  1. It was, for once, a well done and not sensationalist piece (as that paper can sometimes do). Congrats! My friend Blaise also had a quote in that issue (on the back page) and while Edie slightly scolded me for skipping the Pride fest on Saturday, we made up for it by attending a wedding on Sunday. If your ears were burning last night, it’s because we were talking about you on our way home from it.

    • Thank goodness they’ve done a good job with us in the past. Although the last time they sent an interviewer we practically had prepared quotes so there wasn’t too much she could do 🙂 Still, though, you never know what they’ll come up with!!

  2. You’re all adorable on that cover. Hoping that wedding announcement is in the near future!

  3. You all are the cutest! I love that you have been on the “front cover” of making LGBTQ families known in your community – it’s so awesome. I’m psyched you are our poster children.

  4. Your family is totally adorable! I hope the wedding announcement comes soon, too.

  5. This is so exciting and your family is completely adorable!!! I agree, hope a wedding announcement is on the way soon!

  6. It’s awesome you are having this kind of impact on the community. Your family is just too adorable for words!!

  7. You guys are so damn rad!!

  8. I love this update! And the photos too. Great family. Great progress being made. C’mon, Virginia, show me a sign…

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