You’re Not Yistening!

I’m delighted that RR seems to be moving out of the “You’re not YISTENING to me!” phase. For months that refrain has been echoing in every room in the house and echoing in my head. Oh wait – that’s a persistent scream, not an echo at all. An echo requires time in between utterances. She doesn’t comprehend (or doesn’t care about) the difference between disagreeing and not listening. No doubt she has been overwhelmed by a sudden explosion in words. Going back to school flipped the language switch and she has been speaking in paragraphs and chapters. It’s so noticeable (to her and to us) that after reciting the minutiae of falling out of bed in the morning for several minutes, she said to me “that was a LONG talk, mama!” We both were a little awestruck at the number of words spilling from her mouth.

Along with YOU’RE NOT YISTENING, some other babyisms are on their way out. Ls are beginning to make more of an appearance. She’s dressing herself and picking out her own clothes. She makes her bed most mornings, something she began on her own and which I fully support. We also make our own bed – could it be that it rubbed off? Her fingers are lengthening, her arms strengthening. Life is a constant refrain of I’m okay mama! I’m not hurt! after she crashes yet again onto concrete after running at breakneck speed down stairs, over walls, across streets.

She is observant and thoughtful and she still sprinkles conversation with little quirks I’m sad to break her of. Did you heard the violin, mama? I did, faintly, from several blocks away, over the roar of the passing bus. I did. And, my favorite, her diplomatic way for telling us we are flat wrong. Did you fought I said I wanted the window open? I didn’t. Did you fought I didn’t want a cookie? I did. Did you fought I wanted you to keep talking? I didn’t.

We tripped and fell into a princess costume for Halloween. Queen Elsa still rules supreme, having been the drug of choice since we thought we toilet trained her the first time in May. My mother did the stitching this year since I proved inept at cutting satin and making pleats. I’m so grateful to have her nearby. RR even spent the night earlier this month and happily packed an overnight bag to visit her this weekend (even though our stay was just for the afternoon).

She is a treat. An awe-inspiring package of smarts and beauty and laughter. We are so lucky.



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  1. Awesome and still so darn cute! Noah’s one constant is growing arms and legs and feet!!

  2. She’s adorable. 🙂

  3. Loss of babyisms makes me so sad! Good thing they’re cute in other ways, right? Happy Halloween, everyone!

  4. love love love!!

  5. I love the lack of Ls. It’s such a great phase. I got to enjoy being called “Yauren” for “yongest” time by my good pal’s tot. I kind of miss it.

  6. “Did you fought I wanted you to keep talking? I didn’t.”

    – beautiful, I love it! Nice write.

  7. I love everything about this post.

  8. This post is perfect. She is SO CUTE…and yes, SMART.

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