Wii Are Tired of Winter

That’s right, this winter drove us right over the edge. After being trapped for one snow day too many (which, if you ask me, is the first snow day) we were all wishing long spring hikes weren’t so very far away. So we dusted off our aging wii and called my mom to ask if she still had a wii fit board. She did have one, she allowed, and we could have it. She did not confess that it had been stored so long that the batteries inside had corroded but, with a bit of care, it’s operating again.

hulamy record is 964 spins in 6 minutes. debra says she thinks invisible hula hooping is hot.

I don’t remember when these were trendy. It wasn’t recently, but the premise is that you take on a character and the board acts a scale and game controller in one with a host of aerobic, strength, and balance games. I’m a particularly good hula hooper, it turns out. Debra is a class act skateboarder and slalom skiier. RR runs.
This shouldn’t surprise anyone.
So with snow pouring down and piling up in drifts, we gave our kid a controller and let her run, her game character racing through a course chasing kittens and puppies. And she ran. Ran for three minutes. Ran for ten. And ten more. The next day she asked to run while we showered (separately. you saw the size of our bathroom. not even the hula hoop can conquer that.) She likes the biking course but can’t figure out how to control the handle bars. She likes the snowball fight game but can’t dodge and throw at the same time. In fact, she can’t master many of the activities beyond yoga and running.
I don’t want her to be an ace gamer. But when outside isn’t an option it’s kind of awesome to watch my kid run anyway.
This post is brought to you by 2007. Also a wii fit image search turns over tons of pictures like this. I’m not sure why so many people are watching so many other people’s butts.
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  1. February did us all in this year. It was a beast.

    Who doesn’t love checking out butts?

  2. This made me laugh so hard (it is also 2007 in our house as one of us finally has a smart phone). Tell RR that I agree–running (inside) is the only way to beat winter.

    • I think she’d be baffled if I told her people run long distances outside. It’s an entirely new concept for her as her mother and I are more of the hiking/walking sort.

  3. I’m still really fond my Wii fit, it got me into really running. 🙂

  4. That third picture, they are Ant and Dec. They are our national treasures. Not a single person on British soil who dislike those lovely wee cheeky cherubs.

  5. Hello! Hi! Good to hear from you!

    I love this device and all its questionable-yet-invigorating fitness activities. Ours gathered dust or so long that we sent it to live with my wife’s mother in the country. I hear she and her fella are getting good use out of it but OMG why did we not think to exercise our little screen-fiend with it while we were buried under the ridiculous Massachusetts snow?! You are brilliant and have excellent taste in virtual sports. Then again, I like D’s choice too…and the weird marble thing…and the think with the colored sparks or paint or whatever it was…oh Wii, it has been TOO LONG.

    • Questionable yet invigorating is right. I’m not entirely sure of the physical merit of stepping slowly while tilting the remote to bicycle but it’s definitely a hand-eye coordination boost!

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