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Hush Little Baby

Today is the last official nap.


Not the last one forever, I hope, I assume, it had better not be. But, it will be the last school nap. After today, RR will officially be an almost-kindergartener and as one of those vaunted souls, she has to ditch the nap. Summer camp won’t include naps for her and next year she’ll be expected to keep her eyes open all day.

All day.

I’m pretty sure every kid comes standard with at least one amazing perk. Our particular model comes with the sleep function. And believe me when I say that I have never, will ever, take that for granted. It makes up for all the urine-soaked underwear I have had to wash. No, really.

A year and a half ago, RR flirted with giving up naps. She tells us that at school she “rests” mostly as opposed to actually sleeping. But we know that, given a dark room and time to herself, she sleeps for two hours or more. Sure, some days (and we’re talking weekend days) she hangs out in her room crafting elaborate dioramas, composing songs, fashioning capes and forts from towels but most days we assume that she’ll lay down at 1:30 and we won’t hear another peep until after 3:30. You guys, I don’t know what I’m going to do when this stops.

And it will stop. Now that she’s not napping at school, how much longer will it be til she’s not napping at home? I predict our quiet afternoons are numbered. On the other hand, maybe we’ll get an upgrade in the form of bladder control. What? Wishful thinking?


10 Responses

  1. My envy knows no bounds. Both of our kids gave up naps before 3.5. The younger, before 3. May all the forces be with you!

    • I admit I’m spoiled. She’s still in my control until camp starts in a week and there are going to be lots of naps.

  2. I cannot express how jealous I am of your napping girl. Mine gave them up at three months (yes, three months) and never looked back. There was a blissful period a few years ago, where she was picking up an extra soccer game on Saturdays and she’d be so exhausted she’d come home and fall asleep, but for the most part, she only ever naps when she’s sick.

  3. I’m heading towards my second quarter-century and I still, given a dark room and time to my self, could sleep for a couple of hours every day. Why aren’t naps standard – nay, required! – for everyone? I’m sure even the non-nappers could use some protected time to chill out.

  4. The loss of naps is, well, the worst! BUT she is getting older and will be a lot easier to keep busy than she was, lets say at 3. And it’s not so bad! You can still create a “quiet time” where even if she isn’t napping, she will do a quiet activitiy or maybe some screen time, and in my experience, they end up falling asleep anyway. One good thing tho, is an early bed time! Woo hoo! LOL!

    • A thousand times yes for early bedtime. Mostly I think I mourn the loss of two hours alone with my wife. Totally selfish 🙂

  5. Quiet time is required in our house to prevent Afternoon Crazy (also to prevent ME from doing crazy). Bug draws, reads, plays with his to us, and falls asleep with more regularity than his little brother. Of course, we also put them both to bed at 7:30 every night. However, RIP nap. You will be missed.

    • We have been resolute about 7pm bedtime but have recently started it slide til 7:30. I know. Zero room to complain, really.

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