Fifth (holy shit) Party

On the eve of RR’s birthday my wife and I had our own crisis. She asked for a party. We invited people to a party. We did not actually plan a party.

Oh sure. We put a location and time on the invitation (park, Sunday afternoon) but we didn’t think much past that. It’s unlike us (well, unlike Debra) but we’ve had too much on our minds. Have. RR isn’t much of an asker of things so the most we’d gotten out of her, birthday-wise, was a “white cake with pink icing” and “Olafs for everyone.”


We don’t put a lot of pressure on ourselves generally. Last year RR had friends over to run in the sprinkler in the yard and our biggest effort went into making sure we could catch the World Cup match on the deck. We let the kids ice their own cupcake cones. They ate on the grass. We hosed them down. Winning.

So no pressure. Not even when RR came home from a party the day prior having made fairy wands and eaten fairy food and bearing wings and nets and giant bubble wands. Debra’s face was pale when she walked in the door with a happy, crazy-eyed kid. Well, so we felt a a little pressure. I know, I know. She’s five, who cares! And really, I don’t care. And she really doesn’t care. But that still left us feeling unprepared and much more noticeably. I mean, they had tuna salad stuffed pea pods.

We managed to order a cake. White with pink roses. We are generally party equipped so it was easy to toss carrots, cucumbers, and watermelons onto trays. But that left the kids. What do we do with the kids? We had them sack race. We had them three-legged race. They balanced eggs on spoons. They dressed in a goofy costumes and had a relay. They ate cake. RR, as usual, was happy as a clam (and would have been if there had been no cake, no friends, and no races). We declared it a success.

I want my kid to be well-liked. Not more or less so than anyone else, I suppose. But I admit that it gave me a bit of joy hearing her repeat her friend’s words the day after the party: RR that was the best party EVER!


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  1. Happy birthday, RR! May you always find joy in every situation and may your friends and family always find joy in you! Congratulations, moms, on surviving half a decade.

  2. 5 already?! Wow! Thanks for showing us that it doesn’t have to be fancy to be fun for kids. 🙂

  3. So awesome! Happy Birthday, RR!

  4. Yess!! Happy fifth birthday. Our Shawn’s fifth birthday is approaching next month. This made me not want to plant lol on the whim of our seat sounds so chill and nothing like the years before.

  5. Because my girl’s birthday is mid-January and I’ve just gotten all the Christmas decorations down and put away, I always forget to plan some extravagant party. Turns out, it’s okay. Happy Birthday RR.

  6. Happy birthday, little one! (For Tatoe’s last birthday I sent him to preschool with whole wheat vegan pear muffins and that was…. it. So your party planning! It is awesome!)

  7. Happy birthday, RR!!!! Yea, I am one of those over the top tuna salad in pea pod party people. And, yes, my kids couldnt care less. Every year I tell myself that it is the last ‘big party” and I am sure next year I will tell myself the same, Haha! I think this was an awesome party and I love that cake!!!!

    • Pea pod mother? I LOVE THAT. I only wish I could pea pod it. Had I told you about her fist birthday and the cucumber sandwiches we catered it would be an entirely different story. Apparently, we used up all of our pea pods on that one.

  8. I am not opposed to fancy kid parties, per se, but I’m also not opposed to feeding kids sugar and letting them run loose in a park. I’m glad everyone (especially RR) had fun, and it is always gratifying to hear that other people enjoyed it too.

    Happy Birthday to RR by the way!

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