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I’ve been watching The L Word. I missed this whole era. I’m not sure what I was doing exactly. Well, that’s not entirely true. I was spending a lot of time doing my wife. I know, I know. This is not that kind of a blog. Except it totally is because we’re talking about The L Word and well, you’ve either seen it or you can imagine the general content of a show about lesbians. Thank goodness for netflix because I had no idea how much wild sex I was missing.

Obviously, the show is not about sex. But there is a lot of it. And all the sex with all the women makes me wonder if I was doing it wrong at the turn of the century. I mean, falling madly in love with my wife aside, I think probably my primary problem is that I just used the term turn of the century and I enjoyed it. But other than that, I’m not entirely certain how one comes to have this particular L Word experience.

There are lots of reasons why it wasn’t my life. I mean, I can’t imagine The L Word in DC. Or in the government. And I’m pretty sure the closest I ever got to this level of lesbian dramatics was giving my ex the car so that she would move out already. I spared you some profanity there. You’re welcome. I was looking for it in 1998 but I was too early or too young or too delicate. My sensibilities, that is. It took a long time to be who I was inside outside.

And so I’m watching The L Word in fascination and a little bit in envy. A large group of close knit friends? With a much bigger set of friends to have sex with? Lots of beautiful girls? Come on. And sadly, I’m too old for my own personal L Word. There are people who have this though, right? I’ll just keep watching because huh. And wow. And, well, it’s a pity. I’d have been good at that shit.

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  1. The “real” l word is even better my friend. You two need to catch up on that series as well. The “real” sex scenes!!

    • I need to see if it’s on netflix!

      • Sorry – you’ll need to order The Real L Word from Netflix if my memory serves me correct. But I agree it’s totally worth the watch…over and over again 😉

  2. I can easily tell you, that The L Word was totally my life in NYC circa 2000…the lesbian latina community is, well, tiny, and everyone slept with everyone, and if they didn’t, don’t introduce them because they were about to. A few of my friend and I actually created a “web” and well, there were too many connections to count, so we burned it, in the fire pit, or a lesbian free for all camping trip, because it was causing drama and complicating hook-ups. We’ll eave this comment at that….Enjoy the show…it’s pretty dope… And I second what Lifeasagaymom said..the “REAL L WORD”, yeah, that’s worth a watch…

  3. I love this so much. We subscribed to Showtime (it was on showtime, right?) just to watch it. I think there are many reasons that this was not my life (one of which is that I’m so boring as to appreciate monogamy), but one of which is holy money. Who can go out for brunch that often? Work totally gets in the way. And doesn’t pay enough. Anyway.
    Interestingly, I was talking just last Friday about this show with a friend who watched it as a high school/college student when it was on, and is rewatching it now. She was saying that it holds up (I was saying that it doesn’t because I hated one character so much by the end of the show that seeing her in the first episode when I tried to rewatch it last summer made me turn it off)–as a high school and college student, she was interested in totally different aspects of the show than she is now as a person thinking about children. So, maybe I’ll have to try again. again.

    • There people are like Friends, constantly eating out! Maybe that’s why I had no L Word. I was too broke to be that awesomely gay when I was at a place in my life to be that awesomely gay. That said – which character? Because I’ll admit…I fast forward through every. single. Jenny storyline. I have no idea what she does or who she is because she’s terrible.

      • It is Jenny. She is, indeed, terrible. I think when, on my first rewatch, in the first episode, when she pronounced rosemary “Rose Marie” I had a visceral, “you effing stupid snob who sucks” response, I felt like, maybe, I should not invest time in raising my blood pressure.

  4. It definitely exists in San Diego, as well, but the women are more attractive than in the show. And to a less racy, but equally dramatic extent, it exists in both Portland and Eugene, Oregon. 🙂

  5. My life was never that exciting either.

  6. I read the Wikipedia summary and it sounds exhausting (despite the appeal of a show with lots of fun sex). I guess I’m more of a Star Trek kind of girl.

    • It IS exhausting. I have to break it up in to small increments. Well, and I skip ahead a lot. I’m too old to put up with that much drama.

  7. I was in my 20’s and remember crowding in at the house of whoever had enough money to pay for cable to watch. My friends and I were definitely all doing each other and being hella dramatic about it but we were super politicized as well, so we loved/judged the shit out of the show. I actually found it weirdly more relatable when L and I rewatched it a year ago, but maybe it was the Bette/Tina baby storyline?

    • I definitely relate to that storyline – it’s probably what’s sucking me in (and the sex) but I’m a little envious of the other storylines. I recently had to skip the entire second half of the third season because of Dana’s cancer because I have enough of that in my life right now. Netflix is the best. I am now also jealous of your friends and watching it as it unfolded because I’ll bet that made for some awesome conversation.

  8. I love Bette and still do. I hoped Jennifer Beals turned out to be a true lesbian and one day…I’d meet her…you can fill in the blanks after our initial meeting 😉 But to answer your question, my life mildly resembled The L Word from 2001-2005…my years acquiring my undergrad. Though the sex was not as hot as The L Word and none of my friends/girlfriends worked in such careers as the characters…durning my literal and watching of The L Word years, we shared gfs, we got mad at each other, the unattainable lesbian was still unattainable my final year of college, etc…

  9. I feel like such a bad lesbian. Last month, my fiancee and I watched the first two episodes of The L Word and part of the third before we gave up. The characters are all so annoying. And we’re a couple of old-fashioned girls (family values lesbians, you might say) who’ve never even dated anyone else.

  10. We had Showtime only for it… We had a large group of friends at the time, (including each other, remember!) but for us suburban girls, that whole lifestyle seemed far more glamorous than Falls Church, right?

  11. Shane. Mmmmm. Oh oh oh, Shane. Any sex scene that Shane was in. Ahhhh, now I need to go back and re-watch! I hated Jenny. So annoying. Everyone else was enjoyable though.

    PS- We have been told SO MANY TIMES by friends that our off and on college dating days drama was very similar to a season of the L Word…I think that was meant by most as a compliment, hahaha! (I blogged about it in an “Our Story” series back in March of 2013 I think if you want to hit my archive up for some serious lesbian drama, lol)

  12. Oh man I had my share of real L wordness and it was awful! I’m so glad I’m “old” and married and have a kid now. I’d take sleepless nights, marathon nursing sessions, and reading goodnight moon a million times over cheating and exes and drama any day LOL.

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