L Word Fans?

You guys, I’m watching Season 4 and Shane now has a kid brother on the scene. Is this Cousin Oliver syndrome? Should I just give up now?


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  1. Don’t give up. Season 4 is good. You see a different side of Shane

  2. Don’t give up. Keep going.

    (Ps in case you were wondering, no… You will never stop hating Jenny.)

  3. Don’t give up!

  4. I have had complete L Word amnesia, which is for the better.

  5. Well…… Maybe. Didn’t Ivan do it for you already?

  6. And Lezbemoms is right– I can’t even see Jenny in another role without cringing.

  7. Also, Kit gets on my last nerve, and I never understood why such a horrible actress and someone who’s story just makes no sense, is even in the show! These siblings just showing up all the time! But don;t give up! Season 5 makes it all worth it…episodes 4, 6, and 10…trust me!


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