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We get the paper because I like to do the crossword. I read the comics because they sometimes make us laugh. The comics and the crossword bracket Dear Abby and the horoscopes, so I read those too, often out loud, usually because they are funnier than the comics. For three days running, my horoscope (or one of them, depending on whose dates you use) has suggested I update my resume.


What’s worse, my wife has also suggested I update my resume because pretty much all I do each morning is open my eyes, put my foot on the gas, and then white-knuckle it through the day. The litany is long: Promotion, check. More people to supervise, check. Raise? Negative. Things are unpleasant. People are unpleasant. I’m not a helpless person. I always believe there’s another choice and I would be updating that resume. Except I’m pretty sure my family has enough on our plates right now.

Which turns me into this person:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.23.31 PMUpdates: Dad sounded better today. Better. After a blood-clot-in-the-lung scare (I KNOW), they opted to delay their trip (I KNOW!) and stay at home to recover. He now has a recliner that boosts him up so that he can get to his feet on his own and his general quality of life seems a bit improved. We came home today to a dog that is inexplicably not using his front leg and RR had a tick embedded in her back. She screamed so loud for so long the neighbor came out into the street.


5 Responses

  1. Oh, dear. I’m sorry you’re having a terrible time at work, in addition to all the other stress. When it rains, it pours 😦

    I realize you’ve got a lot going on, but perhaps you should listen to your wife and update your resume. Then you’d be poised to apply for something should it cross your path. You wouldn’t have to actively job search until you feel life has settled somewhat.

  2. It is always something with you all, isn’t it?

    Update the resume. It wouldn’t hurt.

  3. I have long maintained that the only professional sort of respect that matters is money. Promotions are nice (ish) but put your money where your mouth is, employers.

    At least they didn’t drive across the country! YET.

  4. Update the resume. If you’ve got added responsibility, you should be getting compensated for that. You deserve as much.

  5. Ehhhhh with everything that’s going on what’s one more thing?

    Update the resume. Do something to give yourself some hope.

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