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Meet Fred

Have you had this conversation?

“Your baby is so cute!”
“She’s a lot of fun. Do you have kids?””Oh no, just a dog. But that’s nothing like raising a kid!”

Yes it is. I am fully into the puppies are just as hard as babies camp. In fact, I think there are more than a few weeks when raising a puppy is actually harder.

Both are endlessly cute. Both make charming noises. Both have the softest bodies. Both need constant attention, special food, and sleep completely odd hours. And by odd I mean mainly at odds with your own preferred sleeping hours. There’s an upside to dogs in that puppyhood is over very quickly, relative to babyhood, but it doesn’t erase those weeks when your puppy is acting like a baby while also peeing all over the carpet and running away at light speed to chew a shoe.



Maybe you’re wondering if it was really such a good idea to get a puppy right now. You know, with the impending grief. And then I’ll suggest we discuss why my mother got a puppy and…yeah. That totally happened.

So we’re back in babyhood for a moment. Cleaning the carpets, trying to get some sleep, yanking our hemlines away from his sharp teeth, and teaching him not to grab RR’s ponytail and drag her across the floor. Always winning friends, is Fred*.


*who is a hound mix, not a Beagle.


8 Responses

  1. Like kids they also can NOT behave if they are not adequately walked!

  2. Fred is freaking adorable. RIP, carpet.

  3. Oooh I just want him!!! I am totally in the puppies-are-like-having-a-newborn camp! At least newborns are immobile!! Puppies are everywhere. But they make up for it with their sweet puppy breath. Sigh. Can’t wait to get one of our own! 🐶🐶🐶

  4. Fred is way cuter than a carpet. No contest.

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