Grounding Our Fairy

RR has a lot of things going for her. She’s everyone’s friend, she charms adults, she got a fair shake in the genetic lottery, she’s strong and fast and coordinated, she reads and writes, she’s funny, really funny, she’s thoughtful and kind, she draws like an artist.

She still isn’t fully potty trained. She walks on her toes.

So far we’ve gotten by on the doctors’ assurances that:
1) There are no sensory issues.
2) Many kids struggle with toilet training through 5.
3) Her toe walking will abate.

Our wonderful doctor once wrote:
“Given how utterly fabulous, active, creative and intelligent RR is I do not believe that her tippytoeness is indicative of anything other than her wings not being fully developed yet. Fairy wings don’t typically develop fully until the age of 7, and she is just compensating because she is ready to fly NOW.  I would only pay attention if you see her leave the ground, and then only to make sure she doesn’t take flight before she’s mastered it fully and can do so safely.”

You guys. Do you not just love her?

But in a visit today we talked about the two issues combined and tried to zero in on what might be causing them and whether they are related. She thought that a visit to a developmental pediatrician might shed some light. Debra and I have been cautiously watching the (lack of) development in these areas and with a new camp and new school coming, I’d like to make sure we’re doing everything we can to ensure her body supports her development rather than hinders it. Still though. I hoped it wouldn’t come to this point.

It’s unlikely we’ll get in quickly so there’s no point in worrying now. I’m hopeful that they can help bring her back to earth and more hopeful that another doctor will have a breakthrough suggestion on eliminating accidents. And, of course, that nothing else needs attention.


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  1. I don’t know if you are interested in trying something a bit weird, but this might actually help. Or not. But it won’t cause any harm either way. 😉

    Part of me says to ask her if she wants to be closer to the Earth. Part of me says to do this without telling her. I don’t know her well enough to know…but anyway, however you bring it up, if you do, place your hands on the soles of her feet, preferably barefoot, and say “restoration of communion with the earth”. It’s an energy that does just what the name suggests. It won’t take away her wings, and actually it might help her grow them. 😉 But it might just bring things into balance and allow her to regulate this area better.

    Let me know if you have questions or results.

  2. That ped sounds dreamy!

  3. Isa walked on her tippy toes for ev ah!!!

    Potty learning is hard!! And so many children really aren’t developmentally ready until 7 ish and sometimes even later. With no medical issues.

    Good luck peeps!!

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