“I don’t want to go to the doctor”

What is it that inspires fear of doctors? Why is there an actual thing called White-Coat Syndrome? Is it the vaccinations we have tucked in our memories somewhere? Even if that’s it, it seems that at my advanced age I should not react with heart-pounding anxiety when this happens:
Petite doctor enters the scene toting her doctor’s bag and brandishing a clipboard: “Mama, would you like some doctoring?”
Me, distracted, towel in hand: “No baby, I’m off to take a shower. Go doctor mama.”
Off she trots.
Post-shower, towel in hand, the door bursts open and a little voice pipes sternly through the steam: “Mama, after this, doctoring.”
Me, gripping the door for white-knocked support, heart leaping out of my chest: “Uh, okay?”
Come on man.
Needless to say, I don’t bring RR to the doctor with me. However, upon being informed that Dr. Lily was working on setting up an appointment with a specialist for her toe-walking, RR prompted planted her heels on the ground and has endeavored to keep them there ever since. She claims the nightly stretching we’ve been doing with her calves is helping and she’s not 100% consistent but I’d say that about half the time when I look over at her she is making a concentrated effort to use her entire foot.
All because we casually mentioned the doctor. Poor kid.

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  1. My hate of going to the doctor or taking my kid to the doctor comes from what happens after – the arguing with the insurance company and doctor’s offices to get the bills paid. I doubt RR has figured that out yet, but maybe she has?

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