Ways Cancer Doesn’t Suck: Uncles Edition


My dad has two excellent brothers who married two interesting women. My dad is also, incidentally, excellent and my mother interesting so I’d say my grandparents did a pretty bang-up job. I also have pretty awesome cousins. In my mind, they have no faults but I suppose that’s what happens when you’ve only ever seen them a handful of times. Which is, I suppose, to say that my dad and his brothers aren’t particularly close.

I’m not sure my California uncle has ever visited my father (although the opposite has occurred) but if I lived in Monterey, I certainly would be happy to have visitors come to me as well. The glioblastoma has changed all sorts of things and so it is that my uncle has come to visit. My mother invited my other uncle to come at the same time. I don’t know why since her house is teensy and she has a sum total of 4 places to sit. She did it to my sisters, too. I think she wants to inflict family reunions on people when, in reality, everyone just wants my dad to themselves for awhile.

And so there we were, grilling on the porch, one uncle knocking back martinis as quickly as he is able and the other being felled by narcolepsy mid-chicken-flip. If you have never seen this in action, imagine someone just crumpling to the floor without warning. Everyone in my family just goes on as normal, which is both odd and comforting (although, if you’re my wife, just as shocking as some of the other ridiculous things that happen in this family).

It wouldn’t have happened if not for the cancer and I really like my uncles so it’s a silver lining in a whole mess of awfulness. Also, my dad’s birthday is today so, while not a silver lining, it’s pretty awesome that he got to see 70 after all.





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  1. Happy birthday, M’s dad! And happy family reunion, dammit!

  2. When my grandmother was in the hospital in October 2015 after her big heart attack, my mother, her brother and sister, all the grown-up children and cousins, and even some great aunts and uncles were gathered in the waiting area. Some I hadn’t seen in 20 years. It was nice, honestly, during that sad, stressful time, to finally meet the children of a cousin I’d spent lots of time with when I was a child. Grandma Jean passed away about a month later (because she refused open heart surgery, dialysis, and physical therapy). She was an ornery invalid… I think she made the choice that was right for her.

    Happy 70th to your dad, and I’m glad you got to have the family reunion despite the size of their house.

  3. Happy birthday to your dad!!!! And enjoy those forced family reunions, dammit, you will miss them one day, LOL

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