And Now We Are Six


She is turning six tomorrow.


Also, you know how you think, oh, I wonder what she will look like when she’s older? Pretty much exactly like this. So I’m still wondering what she’ll look like at 15, 20, 50 but I’m thinking much of that little person is here to stay.


But now, she does this:


And this:


And this:


In fact, she mostly does that.

So six it is. There are a few things I thought she’d be doing at six that she still isn’t (riding a bike, asking where babies come from) but lots of things that I never really internalized would happen someday (making up jokes, reading, actually reading, asking about death and dying). She’s nervous about first grade, she bites her nails, her best friend is Meemo, the bunny she has slept with her whole life, she wants a scooter and a light up mermaid for the bath for her birthday (check and check), she can flip over the bar in gymnastics and do cartwheels, she is as kind as she is beautiful.

Debra and I still get frustrated that she has accidents and that we can’t save her from them. We hope she will grow out of it. This year will be hard. She will probably lose some of her pets and her grandfather. She will have a new school, friends, and teachers. She will encounter big girl expectations and consequences. She will find she can’t always bat her eyelashes to get out of them. She will face the pedals on a  bike and overcome them.

But she will also make it through a whole week and realize she hasn’t had an accident (please let this be true) and she will find that her remarkable empathy, coping skills, and deep personal relationships with adults and children will hold her up when I’m too mired in grief to truly help her. She will swim to the other side of the pool and laugh in triumph as she bobs in the water. She will read a whole book to herself in her room and open a secret world neither Debra nor I are privy to. She will find independence she didn’t know she had and successfully push for more. She will relish six, fully and completely. She will bask in its opportunity.

So happy birthday, baby. Welcome to a new world.



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  1. Wow! That means I’ve been reading your blog for over 2 years. It’s neat to see how she looks just like she did as a baby. I never realized how that happens until having a kid of my own and paying attention!

  2. You made me cry. Seriously. You have such a bright, beautiful little girl. That comparison photo is just AMAZING. Catch and I are always pondering what Charlotte will look like when she’s older and that photo just answered all of my questions. SIX. Crazy. Happy birthday, RR!

  3. Beautiful.
    I adore that bubbles picture.

  4. Happy birthday, RR, and congratulations, mamas. This is really beautiful.

  5. Happy Birthday RR. Many more little friend…

  6. She is and will continue to do fine. My son was in 1st grade last year and in the first month had an accident. He was too shy to ask to go! This too shall pass, just like the 6+ years I have been reading your blog watching her grow! Wishing all of your a wonderful birthday!

  7. Happy birthday RR!

  8. Happy Birthday!
    Liebe Gruesse Monika

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