Welcome Fairies

RR loves a fairy. I suppose it’s only fair here to note that I still believe in fairies because life is magical and just because I haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they aren’t out there somewhere. That’s fine. You can still like me for my other qualities. Don’t let fairies come between us. Camp is teaching RR lots of things, things I wish they hadn’t, things I wish I’d thought to teach her first, and things I’m hope to hope Montessori knocks clean out of her.

Fairies though, that’s fine. And so when she came home from what must have been a particularly delightful art session (only so noted because it’s the only thing she’s ever talked about enjoying. once.), and said that all you have to do to get a fairy to move in is:
make a fairy a welcome mat
close your eyes
cross your fingers
say “I wish a fairy lived here” three timesI sincerely hope that such a pattern can’t be used on all magical things because I sort of superstitiously quiver to think you can just invite…things… in. Again, we can still be friends, you and I, even though I am admittedly a bit to the left of just-like-you.

And so RR rushed to make a welcome mat, and I’d like to say for the record that it was my wife who indulged her in this endeavor, did the requisite crossing and muttering, and dictated a note just to be perfectly clear to future fairy residents that they were quite welcome.

And so I drew her a tiny door. Because wouldn’t you?


She was over-the-moon delighted. Since she hadn’t seen the fairy she commented that it must be coming at night and, since it was on the wall adjacent to the yard, it must be a Nocturnal Mushroom Fairy. No artistic rendering of the fairy is available at this time. And wouldn’t you know, a giant toadstool grew out of the yard not too many days after, just across from the tiny door where the tiny Nocturnal Mushroom Fairy comes and goes. I’ll let you imagine just what happened when RR saw that.



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  1. Have y’all read this? Seems like your jam! (My little fairy lover couldn’t get enough) https://www.amazon.com/Twig-Elizabeth-Orton-Jones/dp/1930900457/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1471464086&sr=8-1&keywords=twig

  2. Life is so much better with fairies in it 🙂 I’m delighted by this entire post. I’m hoping to someday get to actually meet your family IRL since we live in the same damn town and all.

  3. Childhood is magical.

  4. Color ME enchanted! And a stark contrast to the invitation mentioned in your previous post. Maybe the magic will work in your favor there too.

  5. I love the adoration of fairies at this age! My daughter loves to go on walks around our neighborhood to look for fairy houses, so for Christmas she got a little fairy house for the garden. Now, whenever she finds a tiny treasure, it goes in the fairy garden (which now includes a fairy house, tiny toadstool sculpture, a ceramic fairy, a tiny porch swing, and an assortment of rocks and shells). At our block party earlier this month, every family with kids on the block came to tell us how much their kid loves to visit our fairy garden.

  6. I still believe in fairies too.

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